AMA Recap on Sep 3, 2021 - DeathRoad x PolkaFoundry

On September 03, 2021, DeathRoad participated in AMA in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram channel to introduce and answer questions about DeathRoad and their public sale event.

This AMA included 3 sections:

  • Section 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Section 2: Twitter questions
  • Section 3: Live Community questions

Winners will share a pool prize of $200 in USDT :tada:

The AMA with DeathRoad - The First Metaverse Racing Game on BSC was held at 1PM UTC along with the participation of two guests, Mr. Cam Pham - CEO & Founder and Mr. Anh Hoang - Lead Dev.

Below is the recap of the AMA session

Host: Welcome everyone to the AMA Session :wave:
Joining us today will be DEATH ROAD Team together with their CEO, Mr. Cam Pham and Lead Developer, Mr. Anh Hoang :rocket:

Mr. Cam Pham: Hey all, pleased to be here!

Mr. Anh Hoang: Hi all, glad to be here today!

Host: Welcome to the both of you here at RedKite Community :wave:
Let’s start with the 1st segment!
Can you introduce yourself and your position to the Death Road Team?

Mr. Cam Pham: Hey all, my name is Cam Pham. I’m CEO and founder of DeathRoad. I’m glad to be here!
Formerly, I was lead blockchain researcher at TomoChain and Lead Dev & Security at The Arcadia Group. I am also a PhD in computer science, in France.

Mr. Anh Hoang: Hi everyone, my name is Hoang Anh. I was also a developer of TomoChain, currently working on the DeathRoad project. I just want to say, everyone try to play DeathRoad and feel, you’ll definitely like it!

Host: Thank you for the both of you for your introductions!
Let’s go for the next question:
Can you explain more what is Death Road?

Mr. Cam Pham: Sure! So in a nutshell, DeathRoad is a Metaverse - yeah it’s a trending term every one likes to mention. Basically, it’s a virtual world built especially for racers - for any one who likes Need for Speed game. We build a game allowing racers to race & battle against each other, using the uniqueness of crypto NFT digital assets. Racers can buy/sell digital assets including cars, weapons. Racers can earn rewards by participating our race challenges.

I believe our website and our pitch deck contains much more information that what I said. So I’d be glad to invite every one to go to our website and play our game demo, you will see what it is immediately. That’s enough info I can share atm I think so.

Host: Thank you for the explanation! Very clear and concise :raised_hands:
For the next question, how does DeathRoad works especially with the P2E mechanism?

Mr. Anh Hoang: Basically, you will have to buy cars and weapons to play the game. Our gameplay is quite simple, the further you go, the more opponents you destroy, the more rewards you will have. In addition, you can buy real estate, rent cars to other players to make a profit. You can refer to our pitch deck for more understanding, don’t forget to play the demo.

Host: For the next question which is relatable to the recent explanation, What are the advantages of Death Road among other blockchain games dominating in the industry, right now?

Mr. Cam Pham: I think advantages are DeathRoad is a skills-based game. Basically, it is really close to the racing game in traditional gaming. Racers need to use their racing skills. Players with better skills can earn more rewards than others.

Many games in blockchain currently are not really based on skills, or not really close to the traditional gaming experience. DeathRoad is exactly connecting the way people are playing games currently with blockchain digital assets in terms of NFTs. Further differences are in details of how the game works - like car upgrades, NFT burnt, token burnt etc.

Host: Awesome explanation!
For the last question for the 1st segment, Mr. Cam Pham and Mr. Anh Hoang,
Are there any big marketing/community building activities will come after IDO? If so, please share more details with us.

Mr. Cam Pham: Sure! I think I can share some.

  1. In terms of Vietnam market, we have top crypto KOLs and community in vietnam supporting us.
  2. We also have Ash WSB as our advisor. He has a big community and a big group of great KOLs that will help us on-board a lot more users
  3. We are in negotiation with one of top KOLs in crypto and good partnerships in NFT world.

Host: This ends our 1st segment, now it’s time for the next one.

Mr. Cam Pham: Great!

In the 2nd segment, Mr. Cam Pham and Mr. Anh Hoang answered 5 questions picked from AMA Announcement Tweet.

1. 1 - Increasing Token price
2- make Token Valuable
3 - Building Community Trust

From 3 aspects above. I want to ask. Which one is the most important for you?
If all above are important for you. Which one that will you do first?

All those are very important not to us, but to all other crypto projects. For our team, we’d pick Building community trust is the most important and the one that we do first, in parallel with building our products. Having a trust and suppportive community would motivate us building more creative products, thus building valuation of our token.

When people see our token valuable, I think token price would increase accordingly.

2. What can you say about the possibility in the deployment of @DeathRoad_io on multi chain? Has it been tested? If yes, then on what all blockchains are you looking forwards to get deployed on?

We are currently focusing on the development on BSC. Multi-chain development of a Metaverse project is a huge undertaking. We are target a few low fee, rich, growing ecosystem including Polygon & Solana ecosystem.

3. I wonder if the #deathroad platform is specifically for gamers? What about non-gamer users? Can they still generate income even without playing your game? If so, what are the other possible ways?

DeathRoad is building a Metaverse - a virtual world for those who have passing and cars and racing. The Metaverse will also enable racing battle for racers. All battle maps thus would generate fees for the ecosystem, which will distribute profits to all users who have lands in our metaverse.

Furthermore, a non-gamer can choose to buy and hold NFT assets such as good cars, which will become more valuable over time when the scarcity of good cars increases (due to NFTs burnt when users upgrade cars, for example). Last, but not least, users with more than 5 cars and lands in the metaverse can open car rental service, that will also generate profits in terms of lending fees for them.

4. Experienced team is the most vital thing in building company growth, a project will not develop without being managed by an experienced team, whatever it is good. so, how about project? Does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world?

As introduced in segment #1, our team has members with many years of experience in the blockchain industry. You can see more in our pitch deck on DeathRoad’s website.

5. What can we expect to see from your platform in the short-term (at some point in 2021 & 2022)? And beyond (long-term goals)?

In short term, we expect to launch the current mini-game with blockchain integrated this month. With the mini game, people can earn rewards through racing and winning bots & bosses. Before the mini-game launch, we also plan to launch our showroom and market place where all racers can buy cars and weapons earlier to the launch of the mini game.

Later on, in Q4 is the launch of DeathRoad Metaverse. This will boost our platform to a higher level where racers can interact with not just the environment of the city, but also can play racing battle against each other.

Along with development plan, marketing & partnerships will also be pushed to on-board more users and to grow our ecosystem.

For a longer term plan in 2022, we focus on enriching the Metaverse with more cars, racing batte maps, more utility of lands in the metaverse… Lots of things have been discussed within the core team. It’s best to stay tuned further for our roadmap & project update.

In the last segment, DeathRoad’s team answered 5 questions from the community.

1. I am a professional web vulnerability finder, Do you think DEATH ROAD system is safe enough from hackers? Does DEATH ROAD have a reward program for detecting system vulnerabilities?

Yes. We will have a bug-bounty plan for public testnet before launch. Stay tune for any further updates from us.

2. Can you list 1-3 killer features of the DEATHROAD project that make it stand out from the competition set you apart from the rest of the platform? What competitive advantage does your platform have that you believe in the most?

  1. We are the first Metaverse for racing game on BSC. Imagine DeathRoad would be the first “Need for Speed” in the blockchain world
  2. The game and rewards earning through racing are totally based on skills, not based on any randomization
  3. We have a strong team backed by great KoLs and marketing partner that can help us promote the games to on-board new users every day.

3. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

DRACE will be used to reward players, buy and sell NFTs in the game. You can’t buy it yet because we haven’t deployed it to the BSC mainnet. We will IDO on Redkite and GameFi on Sept 5th.

4. Are blockchain services really needed for gaming industry? Most people in many country prefer Traditional gaming than blockchain based gaming. So, how do you convince users that blockchain based gaming can be more profitable than traditional gaming?

I think yes. Blockchain especially digital assets are great fit for gaming industry. Blockchain allows users own digital assets that no one can steal from the owners, even the project owner. There are a few ways blockchain-based gaming more profitable than traditional gaming

  1. Transparency: all digital assets issuance is transparent, every one can see it. This increases trust for community

  2. Marketplace cost: blockchain enables P2P marketplace with almost 0 fees for buying/selling digital assets. In the opposite it costs lots for buying/selling in traditional gaming

  3. Rewards earned in blockchain games are transparent, easy to trade/buy/sell, and no one can revoke the ownership of rewards and digital assets

5. The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. How can your Platform bridge this to attract more traditional players to try new blockchain-based games? What’s your plan to expand the adoption of your project to the traditional gamers?

To connect traditional gamers, I think the most important thing is the connection between players. To do that, we build a skill-based game. We will continuously create player-to-player competitions to attract traditional gamers.

Host: This concludes our AMA Session for today. Thank you so much for your time and joining us for today’s AMA Session! :raised_hands:

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