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On November 5th, 2021, we organized an AMA with ASPO WORLD - is a tactics-based game built on the blockchain and backed by a top-notch and experienced game producer in Asia. Players can interact within a vast and fascinating virtual world and make money from in-game battles.

The AMA session was held in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Ms. Bich Nguyen - Community Advisor and Mr. Thong Nguyen - Founder of ASPO WORLD :raised_hands: :tada:. The team provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

:fire:The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $350. :fire:

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Hello and Welcome to RedKite community Ms. Bich and Mr. Thong :wave: :tada:

STAY TUNED ! Let’s join to know more about the project and have a chance to be AMA Telegram’s winners :zap:

Mr. Thong: Hello everyone. It is a pleasure to be here today to share more about the ASPO World project. I am the Founder of the ASPO World project

Ms. Bich: Hi guys, It’s my pleasure to be here today to introduce you about ASPO project

Host: 1. Please introduce yourself to the community. How did you start your journey with ASPO World?

Mr. Thong: I’m Thong Nguyen, founder of ASPO World and I’ve also been an entrepreneur for more than 3 years. I specialize in Finance and quickly saw the potential of GameFinance and Play to earn game model two years ago.I’m also the Founder of Edubox and CaBo Capital.

Ms. Bich: Bich Nguyen is the Community Advisor of ASPO World. I’m also the CBO and co-founder of Phenikaa MaaS. Currently, I’m in charge of promoting ASPO World and pitching the project with large funds.

Host: Thank you for the introduction! You really do have expertise in the field that surely does fit for ASPO World :fire:

Now lets go to the next question! ASPO World is such unique name. Can you tell us the meaning behind this? Please also give a brief description on what ASPO World is all about. What are its special features from other projects?

Ms. Bich: ASPO World is a tactics-driven and turn-based game played either on mobile phones or PCs. Simply put, players will form a team of 5 (including 1 main character and 4 spirits) to journey through the world we create. They can engage in both PvEs and PvPs to get NFTs.

Mr. Thong : Each of the letters in ASPO has its own meaning behind.

  • A (Asia) is where Viet Nam is based and we want to prove that Asian countries can compete in this newly-emerging field and will achieve success the same way Axie Infinity (also known as a game of Viet Nam) did.

-S: this S is actually how Viet Nam looks on the world map. Viet Nam is a small country with the shape of an S and we want people to be familiar with this icon in the future.

-P (Pacific) describes how peaceful the ASPO Community can be and we all together will bring peace and joy to the world of NFT games.

-O (Opportunity): players entering ASPO is actually giving us and themselves an opportunity to have fun while make some money with ASPO. We want this to be a place for both entertainment and economic progress.

In terms of graphics, we are confident to be one of the leading block chain game producers with good graphics.

Usually, 1 game will use 1 different token. And we will use ASPO for our own game ecosystem, not only ASPO but also many games in the future.

We will update the side-chain feature soon similar to Axie Infinity’s ronin.

Host: ​​That is so awesome to think that this would also help individuals while enjoying the game as well! Surely the community is very much excited to your product release soon!

Now let’s go to the last question for 1st Segment, @bichnguyen203 @callmeshayne:

What are the achievements you have reached so far? What are your upcoming plans and activities? You may share your road map here.

Mr. Thong: We’ve successfully launched our 1st Airdrop and are launching the second campaign soon. We’re launching the IGO on GameFi and Red Kite this 14th Novermber and will soon list our token on PanCake Swap or

Next year, we’ll launch our side chain and host a global tournament for ASPO World’s players too. It’s gonna be very exciting,

Host: Alright. Now let’s jump in our next segment - Twitter Questions :loudspeaker:

In segment 2, the Red Kite team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: This will be the Twitter Questions :white_check_mark:

Earlier, our team have picked questions from this announcement: HERE


Most investors only focus on the price of short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell me the benefits for long-term for #AspoWorld investors?

Ms. Bich: All ASPO now and future games are for those interested in crypto (both gamers and non-gamers) Non-gamers can become long-term investors as we will develop a game universe. At that time, ASPO token will be very valuable and sustainable

Host: The NFT Gaming Market is still small when compared to Traditional Gaming markets. The mainstream adoption of the project is so important for its success in long term.

How are you planning to attract the non Crypto users, you can the traditional investors and gamers?

Mr Thong: To say that the traditional game market is larger than the blockchain game market is not exactly correct. As evidenced by the fact that within 3 years a blockchain game company has entered the top 5 game companies with the largest market capitalization, I think this market deserves to be valued better than that. We will try to popularize and promote to traditional game players to help them better understand the concept of “play to earn” if they need and are interested they will join. If they are not interested, they can play the existing traditional games that we own. We have both NFT and traditional games.

Here is the 3rd question, :white_check_mark:

Many NFT games today set high costs to start the game and therefore start with a small player base. Does your game have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or certaina amount of tokens in order to enjoy and play the game?

Ms. Bich: To play the game you need to have ASPO tokens to buy NFTs or participate in events to own 4 NFTs (spirit champions) to have a complete squad of 5 members (1 main champion and 4 spirits). Don’t worry too much about the cost to play ASPO World, it is not expensive at all, so those who just started learning what the NFT game is can still comfortably spend very little to experience. :video_game:

Host: For the 4th question, @bichnguyen203 @callmeshayne :man_technologist:

Can we (as a token holders) participate in governance of AspoWorld project?if yes, please tell us what kind of decision can we vote for development of AspoWorld?And what mechanism has you implement to make sure the Fairness of decisions making between small and big investor?

Ms. Bich: Voting mechanism will be announced soon. However, the good news is that in the game we have a design recommendation section (suggestions and comments) where players can provide good ideas for the project, every 3 months we will need good ideas from the community on the vote-to-vote basis. The highest number of votes will be chosen as the next feature development for the game, and the person who comes up with that idea will be rewarded. We want this game world to belong to gamers and develop based on community.

Host: Before we end our 2nd Segment: Twitter Questions, let me remind the community that next will be the Live Community Questions! :raised_hands:

Prepare your best questions for ASPO World team :fire:

Does your project also provide a platform for Dex, STAKING and Farming in future plans? To increase profits for token holders?When do you think of integrating other blockchain into the project like BSC, HECO?

Ms. Bich: We are running on BSC and will then consider further development on some other good enough platforms. We will be launching staking and farming soon. Stakers may be rewarded with NFTs and can sell them on the marketplace.

In segment 3, ASPO TEAM answered live questions from the community.

1/ Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each?

Our IDO calendar has just been rescheduled to 11/14 to better prepare the community. You can update more information on some of our social media pages

2/ Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

We will try to support newcomers to crypto and NFT games with tutorial blogs, video tutorials. In principle it is just a normal mobile game, only you will have some more instructions. Of course, there is a lot of potential to teach those who are not familiar with crypto

3/ Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

We have pick and ban game mode similar to league of legends game. Players now really have to fight each other with tactics and wisdom to win, not simply “click to earn”. We also have a diverse game universe behind us. The launch of the side-chain and using the revenue from the chain to buy back the tokens is also one of my secret weapons to help the project surpass the competition.

4/ Your project has great features. There must be an experienced team behind. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?

We have a very experienced and famous team in Vietnam such as

Mr. Le Yen Thanh - Received many prestigious awards in informatics in Asia and Vietnam. Used to work at google

Mr. Giang Thien Phu - Dubbed the Bill Gate of Vietnam because of his computer skills

Mr. Le Anh Tien - Also a recipient of many Olympic medals in computer science

In addition, you can refer to the project’s whitepaper to better understand the team

5/ COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

I don’t think covid is the challenge for the project. In my opinion, the opposite is because it opens up opportunities for NFT game projects to develop more, to change consumer habits and thinking about cryptocurrencies. We plan to further develop the NFT game universe as well as take a serious look at the metaverse in the future.

Host: ​​Appreciate the time and effort you have shared to us for today’s AMA Session.

We appreciate your presence and sharing more what is ASPO World all about :boom:

Please check the Official Channels of ASPO :fire::fire::pray::pray:


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