AMA Recap: Red Kite x Dreams Quest

Dear PolkaFoundry Community,

On October 12, 2021, our team conducted an AMA with DREAMS QUEST - :crossed_swords: Dreams Quest is a decentralised play-to-earn RPG game powered by #blockchain & dynamic #NFTs.

:high_brightness: Dreams Quest will collaborate with Red Kite to hold its IDO for $DREAMS on October 15. Stay tuned to our official channels to receive information about whitelist registration and the detailed IDO schedule.

The AMA session was held in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram channel, with the participation of Mr STEVE GOOD - Co-Founder. Dreams Quest’s guest answered intriguing questions about the project’s features, their working process, upcoming plans etc.

:pushpin: The AMA format:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $200 :tada:

Below is the recap of the AMA session

Host: Welcome to RedKite and PolkaFoundry Community, Mr. Steve Good :wave:

Mr. Steve: Hello guys, great to be here for AMA!

Host: Alright, without further ado, let’s start off the AMA with the Guest and Project Intro :fire::fire::fire:

Can you introduce yourself to the community, Steve ? Your position and how did you come up with the idea of Dreams Quest ?

Mr. Steve: hey everyone, great to be here!

I started my career in software on the pre-sales side and then moved into consulting in financial services which I did for a number of years.

But at some point I realised something seemed broken with the whole financial system, something just didnt resonate or make sense to me. The fees were too high, there was too much rivalry inside banks to compete to deliver the same services, and it was all about flashing around your money, not doing good to help others. And I found myself feeling like it just wasnt what I wanted to do anymore. So I left and went into crypto. And discovered so many amazing people and even more innovation.

I got into crypto officially in 2016. I went all-in. and left everything in the mainstream so that I could dedicate my life to something I believed was a better way to create financial freedom for all.

I’ve done a lot since getting into crypto. I did a lot of advising of projects, I did public speaking, and I wrote a book which became a bestseller on amazon called Be Left Behind. I am also a lecturer at Draper University, Tim Draper’s org, where I teach sales, marketing and growth to entrepreneurs, and also teach about defi and blockchain too.

The idea of dreams quest really came from watching the NFT space AND being really big into Defi, but when I got together with my co-founders we knew that these two needed to merge. Now of course we call it GameFi. So we started off with a basic idea of how to gamify NFTs, but then realised there was a much much bigger story. So we started by designing artwork to create inspiration, and to set the tone for where we want to be. we wanted a place that would be amazing, a dream like place to explore and experience and then began the journey to build an RPG game and to use the NFTs as inventory items. That was just the start back in mid 2020. Now of course we are making a ton of progress and super excited to be here to tell you more

Host: Guys, please check out their video promotion HERE and the link to their scrolls HERE :

Mr. Steve: The video just dropped 5 mins ago! wow you guys are fast finding that! WOOHOOO

How about the team behind the project ? Would you mind to share a quick introduction about them ?

Mr. Steve: well as I mentioned, I have been a fairly public person in crypto. done a lot of speaking engagements over the years, and have worked with and advised many projects in crypto. its been a super exciting journey

leslie daniel chan, co-founder, runs defi singapore. hes a huge community builder and educator in singapore and malaysia

Paulii / bullish unicorn, is our CMO and she was the head of marketing for holo and holochain for 2 years. she is amazing at growing community and also art and creative direction

That video we just shared was her creative team. And we have a team of 16 people.

Our lead game designers - John Posey III is a games designer veteran. He is new to crypto but hes not new to gaming. so our core belief and goal is to build a game designed around core game mechanics and to mix them with tokenomics

Chris Willis is a Chainlink OG, expert on monetary policy and tokenomics. So imagine what happens when we put Chris and John in a room to debate token and game mechanics! its pretty epic stuff!

That just gives you a flavour of things. We have a creative team all based in poland. Our video that just dropped came from our team. They do work for netflix too!

Host: I think this introduction is well enough for us to reassure to look for and invest in DREAMS QUEST. :fire: That’s brilliant and reliable !!!

Mr. Steve: I just want everyone to know that we are here for YOU. you are the community. we cant do this without you. And we are here to build this game and the ability to play to earn so that you can also get some extra financial freedom. that is our mission

Host: So pleased to hear that :blush:

QUESTION 3: What are the unique features that you feel proud of and are confident to showcase for Redkite Community ?

Mr. Steve: When we set out to make Dreams Quest, we realised quite early that we had a few major goals we wanted to achieve to truly make this a game to last for people and also to really do some cool and engaging things in blockchain that we havent seen in traditional games.

First, our NFTs are dynamic, meaning that the card attributes change over time. And we record the history of every transaction. Showing card history has a number of interesting outcomes. First it means that we can see who has owned the cards over time. So if a famous or well known gamer every held, owned, or rented the card, it will show that. Also, cards can evolve. They can grow, but they can also weaken too. So we capture all of that data and store it over time so that everyone including the owner of their cards can see how their own cards perform.

The other aspect of dynamic is that we are using Chainlink to bring in data off chain which we can use in game. For example, every card that gets minted will have a unique random “key” which will enable that card or item to unlock other powers, abilities, vaults or chests both in game, but also within our discord channel too.

Using chainlink weather data, we will also have in-game dynamics such as weather conditions that are both unknown as you enter a game battle and these will have the potential to change any card’s attributes. An example might be that a mud elemental is a great card for wet conditions, but may not do as well in hot or bright conditions.

So imagine the game strategy you have to use to consider how weather and storms will affect your battles.

More importantly:
-Play to earn

-FREE to START and Play. Earn from in game to spend. no need to charge people to -start playing

-RPG game similar to diablo. explore the realms.

-Manage your inventory like any game. NFTs are the loot and items you find

-Inventory full? drop items or head over to a merchant to sell you items

Host: That’s awesome ! Thank you for all of valuable information.

I think Dreams Quest would be a potential and promising project down the line :fire::fire:

Mr. Steve: With the community support for sure!

In the 2nd segment, we picked FIVE questions from our official tweet announcement:

Host: The team have picked top 5 questions from twitter.

Announcement Tweet Here

QUESTION 1 @JasonToefinity
What are the issues that you consider as the most challenging while working on the game? What did you think of the idea of putting impacts on the battles with weather, temperature, storms, etc?

Mr. Steve: Great question!! probably the biggest challenge is making a mobile game which is also a blockchain game. trying to make transactions work with mobile is challenging! We have some cool ideas and an architecture we are working on to achieve this but technically speaking its certainly one of the most important things we are trying to address.

Lets face it, making a game is challenging too! there are so many things to consider when you design all the game mechanics. it’s a lot of work. have to consider game balancing, the story line, the lore, the integration with off chain and on chain and making sure its all beautiful and fits to our art direction too.

How did we come up with the chainlink weather idea? Well honestly I don’t remember. I just remember saying how cool it would be if we had random events that were unpredictable. And the weather is unpredictable many times. And we just ran with it. And then we spoke to chanlink and they got super excited about it and then we just kept on going

QUESTION 2 @zotov_mitya
Staking is the new trend. What staking options are available for $DREAMS token? Are there any incentives for staking? What are the various ways to earn $DREAMS token and are there any limits to amount of $DREAMS I can earn?

Mr. Steve: good one! yes where is the GameFi. Well I am excited to tell you there is something we have for that

-the Guardians, the cards who are used to govern their own realm, have a unique power that enables staking and earning.

Guardians are unique game cards which amplify game play for card holders. The can be be used with your own cards, if you want to play solo.

OR you can bond to a build, which will enable all members to share Guardian aura

Now let me tell you about the staking mechanism for guardians

UNSTAKED Guardians AURA earns increased HP, increased movement and increased experience gain

STAKED Guardians gain % of $DREAMS earned by Guild and increased quest reward resources plus rare item find, magic find and increased essence

So the unbonded Guardians may solo play, but the amplified powers come from bonding to a guild. That’s just a taster about the guardians. Honestly, I don’t want anyone to miss out on getting one if they can :slight_smile:

To summarise, Guardians bond to a guild. Then if they are unstaked, everyone benefits from the Aura and earn some in game resources which are also useful for the game like getting NFTs and upgrading them

Staked, changes the card attributes so that aura is lost but magic powers are enabled instead and with that some staking rewards by earning more in game with the guardian

QUESTION 3: @TriNguy04891357
The proliferation of a project somehow relies on how big the community is. Do you have any initiatives to increase the project awareness to non-crypto users and crypto users ? Are there any non English speaking communities ?

Mr. Steve: Yes inside of discord you will see we many many language channels






And we know that building community means building for all of you. so we also have people doing translation for some content too

I feel like we have just gotten started with community and its growing well. and its not about the size for us, what matters the most is that we build a game that all of you love and that you tell us what you want and then we will keep developing as we hear from you

We have quite a big marketing budget and are already working in multiple locations to raise awareness and have KOLs all over the world helping us too. If you have suggestions pop over to discord and let us know! we want to hear from you

QUESTION 4: @AkihisaMori45
Listing on the right exchanges especially major exchanges helps to increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. So Where can we buy Token and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?

Mr.Steve: Indeed the right exchanges matters!
we are in discussions with a few exchanges. and we want to make sure our token launch is a success. we are working with our advisors, market makers and team. we are speaking a few CEXs now and once things conclude we will be able to make our announcements on our listing plans.

please be patient! we are all excited to get listed

I see that DreamsQuest has a broad vision for the game, so for Q1 2021, what are your most important priorities? Can you share your marketing plan as now we are in a very competitive field?

-Sure marketing is important, but so is building the game. We have a few mini games in development right now
The mini games will give you some early access to various parts of the game

We have 3 mini games planned. the first one is called Dreams Quest Guardians. Think of it like a mini battle game to learn a bit about the game. This will be out in a few months. We are working hard to get it done as fast as we can.

Then we will follow this with Dreams Quest Kingdoms, to let people play around with land, inventory, buildings, and to get a feel of the whole in game marketplace. We have a lot of cards already developed plus some chests with loot, crystals, dragon eggs too.

Besides, I don’t see the market as competitive. Look at the games market outside of crypto. that is competitive. We are in a startup phase where a lot of new games are experimenting and trying things out.

What makes us unique is we have professional games designers on our team. They are new to crypto. So I am confident that we will be around for awhile, and in fact we also think many of the games will be around. and that many traditional gamers will eventually come across crypto so there is a lot of room for all of us to grow. Plus we are already collaborating with games like SandBox. We have something super cool that we will be showcasing here soon too!

Host: So that is the end of SEG 2. We’re now coming to the Live Community Question

Guys, please prepare your question :fire::fire::fire:

In the live questions sections, Mr. Steve Good did answer several short questions from the PolkaFoundry community.

Alright! Thank you everyone. It is about 1 minute unmuting the group :pray::pray:

The stage is now yours Steve. Please answer 5 questions :man_technologist::handshake:

1/ I read that Dreams Quest is a decentralised play-to-earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs to create unknown factors that will affect character attributes in-game. This term “Dynamic NFTs” made me very curious about what they consist of and what role they will play in the game, what differentiates them from a normal NFT?

A “normal” nft is just an image with some basic attributes

our NFTs are dynamic. It means that

  1. we mint each card with a unique key

  2. the card attributes are things like realm, race, strength, vitality, experience

  3. the card attributes can change over time. level up? sure then you can increase the attributes

  4. some parts of the images on the cards can change over time

2/ :heart::heart::heart:In the Dreams Quest marketplace, can participants put their cards for sale, which they own and add a lot of features? How are rental conditions determined in the marketplace?

if you want to run your own shop you can do that. you can become the shopkeeper, the blacksmith or the alchemist. Think about replacing computer generated marketplaces with people who can make a living running their shop, how fun would that be?

So yes, you can sell items, you can upgrade them, you can forge new things like potions, and you can sell your items as a player but imagine as a player you dont want to figure out how to make your weapon or scroll better? then just go to the blacksmith or alchemist and let them do that for you for a fee. its just an in-game economy. so everyone can participate and have some fun

3/ :sparkle: You explain that Guardians are NFTs that are not directly in-game characters but rather help rule the various realms. Could you explain this a bit more in detail? Exactly what would be the advantages of buying one of these NFTs and being a guardian? Is there any way to increase the value of these NFTs?

Yes let me try to explain. Guardians have extra abilities:

-They can play solo and have bonus aura that all of their cards inherit. so like +exp gain for example if you hold a guardian

BUT… the real fun comes because if a guardian Bonds with a guild, then all of the guild members will also inherit the benefits of the guardian

And we have 2 mechanisms

  1. unstaked, everyone gets some of the aura powers or

  2. staked, lose the aura, gain the magic and yield benefits or

  3. guardians can go on special VIP quests and tournaments

plus guardians can open up portals to special quests for your guild that you can not open on your own

4/ What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

The most ambitious is making this a mobile game and still making sure we try to be as decentralised as possible. its a little tricky because of confirmations on a mobile phone with blockchain. but we also know that this shouldnt stop us from giving you, our community, what you want for game play

5/ Is DreamsQuest only for experienced gamers? How easy is DreamsQuest? Is your target audience Gamers or anybody? How can we have a look at DreamsQuest game? Will there be any Beta or Testnet?

Hey, the game will be open for everyone:

-Free to play and free to start

-No limits due to financial reasons

-Ways to play to get started like tutorials and early drops for you

We will have several mini games. We will have early access / beta / testnet with lots of plans for the future

Host: Thank you for picking and answering questions from the Community.

Appreciate the time and effort you have shared to us for today’s AMA Session @SteveGoodCEO :pray::pray:

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