AMA Recap: Red Kite x Knightwar


Greetings Community!

On September 24, 2021, we organized an AMA with Knightwar - is an upcoming Play-to-earn game in the style of the Idle Defense Genre.

The AMA session was held in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Mr. Harris Nguyen | COO - Cofounder. He provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $300.

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Hello and Welcome to RedKite by PolkaFoundry Community, Mr. Harris Nguyen.

Mr.Harris : Greetings PolkaFoundry Community! Thank you for having me :grin:

Host: Before we start, I would like to share the AMA format for this Session:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro

  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions

  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Let’s start with the 1st Segment :man_technologist:

Can you please introduce yourself ? How did you start your journey in crypto and your position on the team? ?

Mr. Harris : Yes, So for Vietnamese Supporters, my name is Hoàng. Harris is the last name of my favorite author and easier to call in english. I started looking into blockchain in 2017. A little before the Bitcoin bubble at the end of the year, I think it was the movie The Big Short that inspired me to study Blockchain and I really believe in the power of machines to free humans from various labors, many of which are unnecessary middleman So I was actually learning how to code and construct a bitcoin transaction. Learning the K-independent Hash function, most of which I couldn’t remember anymore. I was really into becoming a Blockchain Developer but twist and turns, here and there, life just screams out that I’m more of an entrepreneur. Since the reason I study blockchain was to create a token of my own. at the time there was CrytoKitties, a market leading game at the time, but I really didn’t pay attention. I thought, Man? How could that be a game? I wasn’t a collector. I was more of a hardcore gamer. I did think that in-game items can benefit greatly from Blockchain, changing gaming forever. But with the legality of the Blockchain Sphere at the time, I never thought that it would become legit any time soon. But I was wrong, So here I am, trying to catch the train again.

Host: I love that movie as well ! :star_struck:

Mr.Harris: I watched that like a zillion times . All you gotta do is look and read and look agian, it’s super boring but it works.

Host: Superb introduction you shared here, Harris ! I’m excited for the rest of this AMA Session! We will! Now let’s go for the next question :man_technologist:

Can you introduce briefly about Knight War The Holy Trio, Harris ?

Mr. Harris: Yes, I guess for the full intro, everything is in our Pitch Deck and Website:

Knight War The Holy Trio is an upcoming Play-2-earn game of the Idle Defense Genre, built on Binance Smart Chain, and later on Polygon Layer-2.

  1. The Game focuses on the NFT Weapon System rather than the NFT Characters

  2. It tries to be simple and fun, not to intensive and feature rich like other games. The idea is to incentivize players to relax and take it easy.

  3. The game is the flagship of a universe that we are building.

Host: That’s awesome! In correlation with that, can you explain the Play-To-Earn mechanics in the game?

Mr. Harris: Ok, So Play-2-earn is one of the pillars. Everyone can earn from Knight War: The Holy Trio, regardless of their investments.

That is why sometimes the team jokes that Trio here stands for the three traits: free-to-play, free-to-earn and play-to-earn. The game does have extra rewards for those who believe in the game and invest in the game early on.

Meteor Remnant Essence, MRE is the gameplay token that will be distributed to all players of the game. It is BEP-20 compatible, meaning it is tradable with all other BEP-20 compatible tokens. Therefore, in short, everyone can make real money by playing the game.

Knight War Spirits, KWS however, are only awarded in World Boss Ranking events, Community Events and later PvP Ranking events.

Furthermore, after gathering enough materials, namely KWS, MRE, special ingredients and the right recipe, players can craft their Weapon NFT! Once a weapon NFT is crafted, gamers can use it in their gameplay, trade with others on our Marketplace, or rent it to others via DareNFT NFT2.0 platform

Host: Great explanation! Very clear and concise :ok_hand:

Mr. Harris: So 3 keys to Play-2-earn: MRE, KWS and Weapon NFT.

For those who do not want to invest, you can earn MRE.

But if you invest, you can also earn KWS and Weapon NFT. By invest here I mean at least buying KWS.

Host: From your explanation, I feel very excited about your upcoming game! Surely the community is excited too! :rocket:

Mr. Harris: Thank you. So am i

Host: Can you explain further about your roadmap and plans for the game in the future?

Mr. Harris: So our aim is to add value and utility to our NFT, KWS and MRE as much as possible. The idea started at the beginning of the year. We assembled the team at the end of March and started building the Project in Q2.2021. Now, we are very close to the IDO. Everything is going as planned.

We will release the game Alpha with PvE and World Boss Hunt Feature in Q4, of which the initial batch of NFTs will be sold to gamers soon after the IDO.

  • The most exciting Roadmap Milestones have been set for upcoming months:

Q1/2022 we release PvP Arena Feature and a whole new Weapon Class

Q3/2022 is the time for our very first version of the Metaverse

But we might finish before the deadlines. Anyway, if you have been observing the trends, The Metaverse is moving fast So we will need to speed up our Roadmap for the Metaverse.

In any case, we will do our best to make sure your KWS and NFTs value will increase when new features are added. The Most Exciting thing is to bring your NFT Weapon into the Virtual World with no additional cost. Done!

Host: Now let’s go to our next segment - Are you ready ?:loudspeaker:

In segment 2, the Red Kite team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

1. I’m feel interested about Knightwar, but as a new project in the market, what achievements have been obtained during the project? Who are your Backers and Partners ? Please tell more about them

Mr. Harris: Time to show them the Guns!

2. How big and strong is your community? do you have community for non english users?Is your project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service ?

I think the most important thing about the project is that the Game Studio is rock solid with proven success. We want to make it a global project. But it might be hard since a few members of our team are quite patriotic (Ha ha). We have reached out to communities all over the world. I just had an AMA with the Chinese Community, We have investors from Korea, Russia, USA, Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Middle East, The Philippines, we really hope to bring in more nationalities to the team! I believe that there will be some restrictions in regions where the law is tougher. But we will find ways and cooperate with the community to work those issues out.

3. I read your website in depth and I found there are 2 types of tokens in your project: Knight War Spirit($KWS ) and Meteor Remnants Essence ($MRE). Can you explain to us about the difference of each token? What are the use cases from each token and What advantages provide by them?

I guess you haven’t read the Pitch deck :)))

So Knight War: The Holy Trio is fueled by 2 tokens: The Ecosystem and Utility Token, Knight War Spirits (KWS), and The Gameplay Token, Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE).

All players can earn MRE from the Game by playing the Single Player as well as Multiplayer modes. There will be a limit on the maximum amount of MRE earnable per a period of time to prevent inflation.

MRE can be listed on Exchanges by the community (not by the developers) and become fully tradable once there is enough interest and circulation.

The other token, KWS, can only be earned in special Community Events such as Ranking, World Boss Hunt, PvP Tournament.
For those who want to accompany with the project but does not want to play the game, you can Stake your KWS to earn passive income from other players who Craft their NFT and make transactions on the marketplace. For now, MRE is purely a gameplay token and is burned after every use, please ask something about the weapon NFT haha

4. Let’s talk more about NFT Weapon System!!

Trust me it’s amazing ! The Developers are very proud. Alright, so this is the only thing that gets me excited even though I have explained this so many times in previous AMAs. So the name, The Holy Trio, does not refer to the Characters, but to the Weapons, The Holy Trio are The THREE STRONGEST NFT WEAPON in the game. They are also very very hard to craft. Ok, so as explained above, in order to craft an NFT, you will need 4 things: MRE, KWS, ingredients and recipe. However, you can use another NFT to enchant the crafting process to increase your chance of getting a rarer NFT, with limited enchantment times of course, so what’s the weapon NFTs is like:

These are only 6 of the very strong NFTs in the game. Let me go indepth on how the NFT System works. Initially, beginners will be able to experience 3 starting characters: Maximus, The Human Knight; Mel, The Elven Archer; and Sam, the Fairy Mage. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. The key to victory is to form a balanced formation and logically combine heroes and weapons

There are 3 types of weapons in the game granting extra buff to the corresponding heroes: Knights with Swords, Archers with Bows, and Mages with Magic Staffs. Although one hero can be equipped with an unpreferred weapon, his/her stats are much worse-off if you do so. Now we have known that there are 3 available weapons for 3 classes in the game: SWORD, BOWs and STAFFs. The next step is to explore how these NFTs are generated and the impacts they can bring to the gameplay. Each NFT weapon is comprised of 3 separated parts. For example, a sword is made from a grip, a guard, and a blade…A staff is crafted using a body, a head, and a core.A bow is made from a grip, a limb, and an arrow…

Actually, I’m going to show RedKite, PolkaFoundry an exclusive image ! This is 3 parts of a bow from our NFT Mintable Pool

When combined, it looks like this :

These are all unique, hand drawn by our artists. There are 20 different types of Grip, 20 different types of Limb and 20 different types of Arrow. But that’s not all, each part will have 8 different materials, same goes for Sword, and Magic Staff. If you do the math, there are a total of more than 12 million possible unique NFTs for you to craft. This makes sure that the chance of you getting the same NFT is close to 0, and rest assured, each part and each material will correspond to different base stats and special effects to your equipped character. For further details, we will publish these on our official website soon!

In segment 3, Mr. Harris answered live questions from the community.

1.Can the items or NFTs from Knight War Game be traded on the secondary markets or External NFT Marketplaces Like Opensea and Binance NFT Marketplace?

For now, we want to provide the best experience to our players so they won’t be traded on Binance NFT and OpenSea yet. NFTs are crafted in the game and can only be traded on the Proprietary Market.

2. Where can I currently buy the token ?

Just want to quickly use this chance to thank RedKite for launching our Project. So you can buy them as early as possible on RedKite IDO on Sunday, Sep 26th, at 12pm UTC. Afterwards, you can buy them on PancakeSwap, And we are also listing on……Let’s wait for that … on our social media channels:


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @knightwarplaytowin





3. What is the minimum amount of $MRE and $KWS needed to enter the game? And will it be a browser game, or will there be a client for PC and applications for mobile? Will I be able to play your game in a subway car on the way to work, or is this a housewife game?

What’s a housewife game? This is very wrong haha. Yeah can I answer this quickly? You don’t need anything to start playing KnightWar


Host: Thank you for joining us for today’s AMA Session. This ends our today’s AMA with Knight War represented by their COO - Harris Nguyen :star_struck: Thank you everyone for participating! :raised_hands:

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