AMA Recap: Red Kite x SinCity

Dear PolkaFoundry and RedKite Community,

On October 15, 2021, our team conducted an AMA with SIN CITY - :crossed_swords: a play-to-earn Metaverse game for multi-players on the blockchain. Settled in the most bustling cities globally, Sin City opens a virtual space with 15,000 parcels of land for users to construct their empire.

:high_brightness: On October 17, Sin City will collaborate with Red Kite to hold its IDO for $SIN. Stay tuned to our official channels to receive information about whitelist registration and the detailed IDO schedule.

The AMA session was held in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram channel, with the participation of Mr RUTHERFORD - Founder & Chief Operations Officer. Sin City’s guest answered intriguing questions about the project’s features, their working process, upcoming plans etc.

:pushpin: The AMA format:

Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
Segment 2: Twitter Questions
Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $200 :tada:

Below is the recap of the AMA session

Host: Welcome to RedKite and PolkaFoundry Community, Mr. Rutherford :wave:

Mr. Rutherford : Many thanks for having me in your enviable and warm community.

Firstly, it’s a real pleasure to be here. We love :heart: the Redkite community and are delighted to get to use your launchpad!

Host: Alright, without further ado, let’s start off the AMA with the Guest and Project Intro :fire::fire::fire:


Now to start the AMA, please have a quick-introduction to the community about your project and what will it solve? :fire:

Mr. Rutherford: So, we are a ‘Rated R’ Metaverse project. So not to put it lightly, we are a +18 gaming project that’s very much in line with a GTA / Mafia type theme.

One thing we found with the invent of tokenisation, that it gave game players a tangible reward for playing games. No longer are you merely just paying to play, now you’re playing to earn real money.

However, Blockchain consumers are different to average users, and let’s not sugarcoat it, Blockchain gaming is up and coming but will take a while to accelerate to the console wars (which we do happen to think will happen!). But people in crypto want fast rewards, and are notable risk takers. Sin City, a criminal underworld is the perfect fit!

So basically, the problem we’re solving is actually a targeted market for the most notorious crypto games. Not to downgrade other projects, we just feel this will bring Blockchain gaming to a large sub-section of this market, and will eventually even extend out to the mainstream. With this innovation, we are not just targeting a small fraction of gamers who already adopted blockchain gaming but we are targeting gaming enthusiasts who number over 2.5Bn globally. We want to be able to attract them to blockchain gaming by giving them what they are used to and even more.

Who doesn’t want to be part of a Faction, and own a nightclub?!

Host: Woww the project sounds attractive and really wonderful, I feel so excited now.

I am sure many are fascinated with this concept :partying_face::partying_face: It is such a superb start for the AMA today !

Mr. Rutherford: Glad you already love what we are working on. :grin:

Host: Next Question: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

Mr. Rutherford: So we’re a little different to the norm. We do not have a hierarchy structure - we have 4 co-founders, myself, Singh, Mike & Costi. We are all huge gamers, who were brought up even before the inception of the first Nintendo etc so have huge understanding of this field. We played 8bit games and migrated to game boy Nintendo before we eventually crossed over to console. Though born and bred in 3 different continents, by a stroke of luck, we seem to have a flair for similar things.

In addition, we have been part of a previous successful project which was totally bootstrapped, known as Vanilla Network. This entity continues to perform well, and will actually become a limited partner of Sin City. As they will house the first 3D casino in the Metaverse. Our CTO, Constantine has spent close to 20years as a 3D creation expert with skills in AI, MI and AR before crossing over to blockchain. I on the other hand has spent over 5years managing a blockchain tech cohort housing the greatest manpower in this industry. Singh and Mike are tokenomics, finance, management and strategic planning expert alongside a host of other requisite skills.

One of the problems we’ve seen with DeFi projects, is sustainability. So one thing we always ensure, is our staking Reward system is self-recyclable. These advanced methods we’ve learned form in our past endeavours will ensure our play-to-earn model will never need a dual token structure; as all of our commissions from NFT sales will go back into the rewards pools for players to earn.

Host: Woww thank you for the dedicated answer ! :grin::grin::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: As a matter of fact, the team have an really impressive background. And I think many of Redkite community are looking forward to SinCity project. :clap::raised_hands:

Moving on the next question: What are the major milestones you have achieved so far? What are your upcoming activities? Please share your roadmap to the community.

Mr. Rutherford: Major milestone is certainly our proof of concept, and I’ll drop a video teaser here of this. After months of planning, we now have managed to bridge the game between realistic gameplay and Blockchain technology. We’re also partners and close friends with Vulcan Forged (another successful Metaverse project) who along with our team are develop the game.

In terms of a roadmap you can expect the following:

October 2021: Gitex Presentation at the world expo, and token launch

November 2021: Activation of high reward staking pools.

December 2021: Opening of the storyline and land sale. This is going to be SUPER hot, and we expect a huge clamour for our land sale.

Q1 2022: We will be opening the Metaverse for Alpha testing. We will also be introducing limited partners to our Metaverse, which is also a unique feature! We have on-boarded two projects already, and these are set to be announced!

Q2 2022: We will be opening parts of the game to select regions, whilst development continues.

Q3 2022: Our NFT marketplace will be going into full throttle. With users being able to start to build their in-game characters and armoury.

Q4 2022: The grand opening of Sin City! :city_sunset:

So really, it will be a packed roadmap, with continual evolution and community feedback.

Host: SinCity would be a potential and promising project down the line ! That’s awesome ! Thank you for all of valuable information :fire::fire:

In the 2nd segment, we picked FIVE questions from our official tweet announcement:

Host: The team have picked top 5 questions from twitter.

Announcement Tweet Here

QUESTION 1 from @Nguyenhuuminh71
Many NFT and Defi gaming projects have been more and more emerged that makes me confused. Which strongest and unique features do you offer to compete over other competitors ? How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue ?

Mr. Rutherford: Yes. One thing we love to do is ‘ecosystem’ building (so outside of the game & NFT Metaverse to some extend). We are investing in promising projects to be located in our metaverse or private digital land. So this increases the eye balls onto Sin City, with more users from different communities entering the City.

The great thing with this ‘Strategic Fund’, is that returns on these investments will go back into buying the SIN token. We will then burn these tokens from supply forever, increasing the price and market capitalisation of Sin City. A great model which should benefit all.

Also at this stage we just don’t want to increase the sound of our microphones :microphone: and say we are building an Omniverse or a Multiverse since we do not want to confuse investors who probably haven’t heard such words before otherwise, Sin City is geared to becoming the first Omniverse whose metaverse protocol allows other projects to build right inside its metaverse. We have lined a few projects up who highly interested in coming onboard to build this projects. Further details would be provided as the onboarding process is complemented.

Host: Q2 from @QuNguyn61793298
How accessible is you to players that are interested in cryptocurrencies but aren’t very familiar with them?What strategies do you have in mind to entice these kind of users?Do you have any plans to educate them while they’re playing?

Mr. Rutherford:
This was a very important topic, but also, somewhat not so complicated to answer. As you can see now, the mainstream are crossing over to Blockchain gaming, purely because it’s monetised! Our approach was to produce a game, very much like GTA which would appeal to our target audience.

In terms of education, tech is evolving at a lightning pace. So we always keep ahead of the game and keep our content regularly topped up. Whether it be the use of the cross chain technology, and using the ‘what? and why’ approach to help educate users.

Again, which will you as a gamer choose? You want to pay to play OR your want to play to earn?

We already know the answer😊

Host: QUESTION 3 from @EmilyChiann6 :
What are the utilities/functions of $SIN in your ecosystem as well as in blockchain ? Where and when can we buy it ? Is it for game currency, use for farm/stake, or maybe for governance system?

Mr. Rutherford: SIN is the in-game currency. Simply, it dictates everything. You can buy digital land with sin token, you can play to earn with the SIN token and you can also use it to help govern rules! So it will really be a hot token to own, and we are dedicated to keep to our promises. We’ve already had a 500X token in our locker, let’s see how SIN does? :wink:

Host: Q4 @Larajean991
Security is a fundamental pillar. What are the security protocols that you have included in your platform to protect all the assets of your main commercial partners and users?

Mr. Rutherford: First of all, making sure we have our own in-house development team. We have scoured the globe, and have sourced the best employees and will continue to grow extensively as the game progresses.

We also ensure all of our processes are audited and throughly tested by reputable security audit firms who stick to industry standards and best practices before being released as a full public offering. Hacks are becoming more and more prevalent in cryptocurrency, and unfortunately with great rewards come risks! But we have a strong internal control system which identifies key risks, which we seek to manage this with robust controls.

Host: @AkihisaMori45
How can the community contribute to the progress of your project? Do you have a Governance model? Do you care about community request while you decide?

Mr. Rutherford: At the moment, we are very much coming out of the discovery phase. Community has always been of utmost importance to us, and we will be introducing a DAO model which helps define rules and guidelines of our metaverse. (1) to ensure we have true decentralisation and (2) It’s important to listen to your community! No one will play a game they’re not personally vested in.

We would encourage you all to join our telegram group to watch our progression!

Host: Thank you for answering the Twitter Questions . That ends our Segment 2 :partying_face:

Mr. Rutherford: My pleasure !

In the live questions sections, Mr. Rutherford did answer several short questions from the PolkaFoundry community.

1/ How do You plan to attract Non- Crypto gamers to the platform?

There are so many ways we intend to do this but the best way is to give them something they have been used to all their life - A GTA styled game with free roaming capabilities along with voice/text chat features which will create that pull effect. The simplicity and ease of use of the platform will also help.

This is not to mention multiple digital marketing and educational efforts that we are putting in place.

2/ - Lately Play to Earn games, despite their great popularity, have become difficult to access for low capital users, Sin City take this into account? What will be the minimum requirements to start playing? How much budget do I need?

Like our initial bootstrapped project Vanilla Network, where we built a gaming dapp that is free to use, many of the products in the metaverse will also be without commissions. So basically all you probably need is a decent amount of $SIN token. But let’s not also forget that owners of the assets define what the prices will be but there are public assets in Sin City like the Casinos, Parks, etc. So be assured public assets will be affordable to use and in some cases free.

3/ Can you Tell me about the Core team members , What are their past Experience and On which fields they are expert , How many total no. of Team members are available on your platform ,Are you planning to Increse your team ?

Earlier on, I dropped a brief about the core team members and their experience. For extended team members, we have highly skilled developers in the team. All working out from in-house development studios in Greece, Romania and Nigeria.

4/ Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

We are extremely happy with the progress so far. But there is much more to do and we will continue pushing until we deliver a premium and flawless product that will wow consumers

5/ COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

COVID-19 has taught us new ways to work we never explored earlier. And we are utilizing such technologies that makes working remotely fluid. That way, our uptime and delivery is not compromised.

Host: Totally agree, COVID-19 also acted as a catalyst to boost crypto to more people :blush::blush: Appreciate the time and effort you have shared to us for today’s AMA Session :pray::pray:

Mr. Rutherford: Again thank you for doing me the honor to be here in your community. I want to assure every member of your community that the best is yet to come. Our roadmap is highly ambitious and we will stick to it in other to ensure the best ROI longterm/short-term for all investors. We do hope this community will lock hands with us and make this lofty dream a reality.

Host: And if possible, please share some parting words before we conclude this AMA :pray:

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