AMA Recap: Red Kite x The KillBox

Greetings Community!

On November 19th, 2021, we organized an AMA with THE KILLBOX - :gun: is an action-packed shooter game in which players will form a squad to join battles and trade in-game NFT weapons.

The AMA session was held in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Mr. Don Zhu - Founder of THE KILLBOX :raised_hands: :tada:. The team provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

:fire:The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $400. :fire:

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Hello and Welcome to Red Kite community Mr. Don Zhu :wave: :tada:

Mr. Don Zhu: hello, nice to be here

Host: Alright, without further ado, let’s start off the AMA with the Guest and Project Intro :fire::fire:

Mr. Don Zhu: sure. let’s do it

Host: QUESTION 1: To kick off the AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and the team behind the project ?

Mr. Don Zhu: TKB links:

TKB Official Community

I am Don Zhu - Founder of The Killbox Game. Don created an overseas game trading platform called in 2006, managing 200 customer service specialists and earned tens of millions of USD in revenue. Don has also established a gold farming studio consisting of 500 employees which provides gold and items for WOW(World Of Warcraft) players and has organized hundreds of gold farming studios in other regions to serve overseas game players. His studio is one of the largest gold farming studios around the world.

In 2013 - 2015, Don established which is a game-operating platform. It has operated more than ten games in the U.S. and Europe, some of which include Dragon Call, Hero Throne, Navigate and many others. They have earned tens of millions of USD in cumulative revenue.

In 2015, Don and his team members started to develop The Killbox Game, which had been released in Vietnam, Middle East, Arabia and many other countries. TKB project has gained 50 million USD in cumulative revenue.

Jackson Baker - Leader Designer

Over 9 years of experience in game design. As the main designer of G-Bits gaming company, Jackson is responsible for the interesting and exciting gameplay of TKB Game.

Bill Gregg - Project Manager

Over 10 years of development experience and has overseen the operation of a dozen of games, like Hero Throne, Devil-War, the TKB and to name a few.

Albert Smith - Lead Programmer

Over 12 years of programming experience and was involved with the development of several games, like Spirit World, Warriors Online, the TKB and to name a few.

Scott Stone - Art Director

Over 9 years of experience in art production and is responsible for the direction of cool weapons in TKB Game.

Host: WWooww, such impressive individuals. I feel so excited with today AMA

Mr. Don Zhu: Honored to be here with Red Kite community too!

Host: So What is your NFT weapon system? How do users obtain benefits owning it? How can people play to earn?

Mr. Don Zhu: Players will be able to earn KBOX tokens by owning NFT weapons of T1-T6. Higher level and quality of the NFT weapon will bring more hash rates to the players.

The total hash rates of the player will be calculated by adding up the hash rates of all his/her NFT Weapons. The amount of KBOX tokens a player can earn is determined by the proportion of the player’s total hash rates in all players’ total hash rates.The total amount of the Play-To-Earn ecosystem will be 3,600,000,000 KBOX. The Play-To-Earn ecosystem will enter the creation period at the beginning, with the mining pool of 100,000,000 KBOX. After that, the amount of KBOX tokens released for the first year will be 1,700,000,000. After that, the annual circulation will be halved every next year. NFT weapons of T0-T3 are required items to upgrade NFT weapons of T4-T6. The quality of NFT weapons is divided into seven levels (T0-T6): Black→Mediocre → Good → Excellent → Rare → Epic → Legendary.

Let’s see the specific levels of NFT weapons here

Host: Thanks for your sharing :pray:

QUESTION 3: Can you have a sneak peek your development plan for the next few months?

Mr. Don Zhu: Here’s our plan for TKB in the next couple of months:

Oct. 2021

  • Beta testing for the game & Community construction

Nov. 2021

  • IDO

  • Marketing

  • KBOX token listing on an Exchange

Dec. 2021

  • Elite Competition

  • On-chain version launch

Mar. 2022

  • Beta version of Metaverse system launch

Apr. 2022

  • Land sales and rental

May 2022

  • User Generated Content

In segment 2, the Red Kite team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: This will be the Twitter Questions :white_check_mark:

Earlier, our team have picked questions from this announcement HERE:

Mr. Don Zhu:: Excited to see what people are curious about us!

Host: QUESTION 1 :@Liajiawei9
What are the utilities/functions of $KBOX in your ecosystem ? Where and when can we buy it ? Is it for game currency, use for farm/stake, or maybe for governance system?

Mr. Don Zhu:

We have designed several usage of KBOX token:KBOX sale is available from IDO and TGE:

:small_orange_diamond:Launchpad 1: Enjinstarter - Nov.20

:small_orange_diamond:Launchpad 2: GameFi - Nov.22

:small_orange_diamond:Launchpad 3: Red Kite - Nov.23

:small_orange_diamond:Exchange listing: Pancake - Nov.23

1.The hash rates of NFT Weapons of T1-T6 will generate KBOX tokens on a daily basis. The higher the quality and level of the equipment, the more KBOX tokens will be generated.

2.Users can obtain KBOX by participating in specific competitions in-game.

3.Staking KBOX in the Marketplace will help players gain the chance to buy keys

Host: QUESTION 2 : @ali_abdaalii
There are many NFT and Metaverse projects emerging recently. So users are more selective when participating in new platforms. What are your significant features that make The KillBox outstanding from other projects ?

Mr. Don Zhu: TKB Game is the first FPS game with a Play-to-earn Ecosystem on-chain. The Play-To-Earn ecosystem will enter the creation period at the beginning, with the mining pool of 100,000,000 KBOX. After that, the amount of KBOX tokens released for the first year will be 1,700,000,000. After that, the annual circulation will be halved every next year.

Key Features of the TKB Game

Intense, immersive real-time FPS action

Hectic 6 VS 6 real-time battles

Awesome tactical movement system with console-like shooting experience

Different real-world guns to choose from.

Product Features of the TKB Game

  • Experience incredible 360 arena combat with our fully optimized VR component.

  • Various NFT weapons with different characteristics.

  • Treasure Chest System: After battles, players will get a chest according to the weapons they used in battles. They can get weapons of the same quality as the ones they use in battles. There is a chance that the weapons in any of the chests are upgraded weapons.

  • Localization Operator: A native operator develops game activities according to the consumption habits of local players. The in-game characters and scenarios are designed and specially based on different

countries’ cultural customs. Players from all over the world have access to their own local guilds and Streamers.

  • NFT Weapons Upgrade: Weapons of the same quality can be upgraded to higher quality weapons by synthesis.

  • Staking Rights & Interests:

The ability to obtain a limited number of chests equipped with rare weapons sets that have exclusive special effects in battles.

  • Metaverse - Trade & Lease of Land: Players can buy land on the large map and build their own armory, and then make money by renting or selling their own land or armories.

  • Metaverse - Trade & Lease of Armory: Players who do not have an armory have limited space to store their weapons. The higher level of the armory, the more weapons they can store. Upgrading the armory requires a large area of land and a certain amount of KBOX tokens.

  • User Generated Content: Players have full play of their imaginations to create their own weapons, maps, modes and characters.

Host: QUESTION 3 @Patriciade81
By referring my friends, Can I earn extra income from The KILLBOX platform ? How much will you allocate for me per one referral that I introduce? Please give a well detailed description about this referral program So that I can enter it?

Mr. Don Zhu: Becoming a guild leader will help you gain extra income.

5 guild levels from 1 to 5. The guild level decides the guild capacity. The higher the guild level, the more members it can hold and the more commission a guild leader can earn when members trade NFT equipment in game.

Requirements to Upgrade the Guild

1.How often do the members trade NFT;

2.How many tokens are staked by members;

3.How many treasure chests and keys are held by members;

4.Guild war participation;

5.How much NFT equipment does the guild have;

6.How many treasure chests have been opened by the guild;

7.The detailed rules will be announced when the on-chain version is launched.

Host: QUESTION 4 :
@PiloT9804 To start playing Killbox game, how much money do I need? Is it required that I have NFT characters or a specific number of $KBOX? I have "android 11 and SD870"is my phone able to Run Your Game? When it will available on Play Store?

Mr. Don Zhu: The Answer is no. All you need to do is download, register and play. It’s totally a free to play and play to earn game! You can join the combat or participate in campaigns to win different rewards of NFT weapons or KBOX tokens.

All items you win from the TKB Game are tradable in the Marketplace, from which you can earn profits. Players will be able to earn KBOX tokens by owning NFT weapons of T1-T6. Higher level and quality of the NFT weapon will bring more hash rates to the players. The total hash rates of the player will be calculated by adding up the hash rates of all his/her NFT Weapons. The amount of KBOX tokens a player can earn is determined by the proportion of the player’s total hash rates in all players’ total hash rates.

Host: THE LAST QUESTION @argan898
What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

Mr. Don Zhu: As mentioned above:

Free to play, play to earn.

Players join the combats, competitions and participate in different kinds of campaign and gain Game items including NFT weapons and KBOX tokens. And all items are tradable in the Marketplace. Owning NFT weapons of T0-T6 will earn KBOX tokens on a daily basis. And NFT weapon upgrading will help increase hash rates, which accordingly get much more portion from all players’ hash rates, gaining more KBOX tokens for players.

For busness development, we will make use of social communities and partnership with game guild, kols and VCs: We already have 52k twitter followers and 53k members in the TG group. In addition to twitter and telegram, we’ll use other ways, such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to pull more users to the game. Also, we’ll make full use of our large user bases of the traditional version (DAU: 200,000, MAU 1,500,000). We’ll encourage original players to experience the on-chain version with free candies.

We set strategic partnerships with game guilds, such as good game guild;. Announcement of partnership and activities, like kicking start scholarship programs with guilds will be released on official website and social media.

In segment 3, PlaceWar TEAM answered live questions from the community.


Host: Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support. The stage is now yours Mr Don Zhu :clap:

1/ Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??

Yes. TKB game is the first FPS game with play-to-earn ecosystem on-chain. Blockchain is without boundaries. We have set several region TKB communities:

:small_orange_diamond:Vietnamese group: @tkb_Vietnam

:small_orange_diamond:Russian group: @tkbrussia


:small_orange_diamond:日本語TG: @tkbjapan

:small_orange_diamond:한국 공식 트위터:

:small_orange_diamond:한국 공식 텔레그램 그룹: @tkbkorea

2/ Does your project support staking program? if yes. How does your stake system work? What is the requirement for users, if they want to stake in your platform?

Yes. Staking KBOX in the Marketplace will get players chances to buy Keys, which are necessary items to open the Chests. And they can sell or buy key in the Marketplace. Staking is earning!

3/ Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

Yes. TKB is a Game project. Actually TKB game was launched since 2017. It has gain countless players all over the world. We will encourage all our players to enter the crypto world, and attract new players from the crypto world too.

You can buy KBOX from IDO and TGE

TheKillbox IDO Whitelist Event on Red Kite



:small_orange_diamond:Pool size: $10,000 for 100 winners.

:small_orange_diamond:Individual Allocation: $100

IDO and TGE schedule and Whitelist requirement👉

:small_orange_diamond:Launchpad 1: Enjinstarter - Nov.20 IDO

:small_orange_diamond:Launchpad 2: GameFi - Nov.22 IGO

:small_orange_diamond:Launchpad 3: Red Kite - Nov.23: IDO

:small_orange_diamond:Exchange: Pancake - Nov.23: TGE

4/ Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

TKB game is accessible to everyone. This is also our vision. If you’re a gamer, download to enjoy the exciting 360 degree arena combat and earn profits! If you’re a crypto, own NFT weapons and hold KBOX for long-term. We will make frequent update in-game to push the market and gaming process according to the roadmap.

Thanks for your time! I really enjoyed this AMA with Red Kite community! Hope we can get more collaboration as partners!

Thank you so much for your time and presence joining us for today’s AMA Session Mr Don Zhu :fire:

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