AMA Recap: Red Kite x World Of Cryptia

On October 06, 2021, CRYPTIA participated in AMA in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram channel to introduce and answer questions about the project.

This AMA included 3 sections:

  • Section 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Section 2: Twitter questions
  • Section 3: Live Community questions

Winners will share a pool prize of $200 in USDT :tada:

The AMA with World of Cryptia - is a full-scale RPG fantasy game enabling players to play the role of brave adventurers exploring ancient ruins and overcoming obstacles to look for the rarest enchanted heritage of sorcerous elites.

Below is the recap of the AMA session

Host: Welcome everyone to the AMA Session. Hello and Welcome to RedKite by PolkaFoundry Community Ms. Man Dao :wave:

Ms. Dao: Glad to be here !

Host: Then let’s start!

Ms. Dao: Let’s go

Host: Question 1: Can you please introduce yourself ? What is your position team and how you started your journey in Crypto?

Ms. Dao: I am Man Dao, co-CMO of Cryptia. I am mostly in charge of external communication, while our other co-CMO handles the technical stuff!

I started my research about Blockchain and metaverse 2 years ago, while in college, out of FOMO mostly, but soon got hooked by the tremendous potentials it has. Then one thing led to another, I met Long through a referral, had a talk with him, got hooked by his expertise, passion, and most importantly, his focus on the humanity within the Blockchain world which is pretty rare, as many Blockchain innovators I have met have the tendency to prioritize the technicality within it and forget about the human factors that made the entire ecosystem possible in the first place.

Host: Thank you for the introduction, Ms Man Dao !

Ms. Dao: Haha thanks, hope I can convince you guys that Cryptia is the real deal, the way long and our team did me

Host: 2nd question:

Can you give us a brief introduction what is CRYPTIA to REDKITE community ? And a little sneak peek on its upcoming IGO.

Ms. Dao:


World of Cryptia is a Play2Earn RPG Fantasy game co-produced by Rikkeisoft (Hanoi) and Gianty Inc. (Japan) Set in an ancient civilization that went astray after their 4 ruling kingdoms vanished, the game is a series of grueling adventures happening in enchanted ruins, where you have to use both your brain and muscle power to solve puzzles, look for traps, and fight ruthless monsters. All to gain invaluable hidden treasures, which are either secondary tokens, or NFTs that can be bought or sold at our marketplace.

After our successful private sale, which accumulated a total of a whopping 3M dollars, our next step would be the IDO held in 3 days (Oct 8)

Host: For the 2nd question @mandao0925

Can you please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

Ms. Dao: Right, so aside from the two senior game developer and game planner who have introduced their expertise in this video: Who We Are | Interview with Cryptia’s Game Developers

Our team consists of seasoned professionals of their fields. I’ll be naming a few:

  • Long Nguyen - CEO | Vice President @Global Divison, RikkeiSoft

Over 10 years of experience in programming and investing

  • 𝐓𝐚̣ 𝐒𝐨̛𝐧 𝐓𝐮̀𝐧𝐠 - 𝐀𝐝𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐫 | 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭 @𝐑𝐢𝐤𝐤𝐞𝐢𝐒𝐨𝐟𝐭

1 of the founders of RikkeiSoft, Forbes 30 under 30

  • 𝐓𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐲𝐚 𝐘𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐚 - 𝐀𝐫𝐭 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫 | 𝐔𝐈 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐞𝐫 @𝐆𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐈𝐧𝐜

Over 7 years of experience in UI design, 2D animation, 3D models, who masters designing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Unity, and Spine like child play.

And of course,

- Trương Thi - Advisor | Founder @Polkafoundry

One of the “giants” in terms of Blockchain-based entrepreneurship, currently the founder and CEO of Redkite, PolkaFoundry, and Icetea Labs

Host: Superb team members, Man Dao ! I’m pretty sure that the community is very excited for the future of Cryptia! :raised_hands:

Ms. Dao: There are many more but I feel like these excellent names would suffice to prove our project’s legitimacy

And I would like to let our game speaks for itself more, haha

Host: More than enough :muscle: For the 4th question, Man Dao:

Let’s dive into your token $CRYPT. Can you share with us your tokenomics? What are some of the $CRYPT use cases?

Ms. Dao:

Cryptia’s main native token is named CRYPT, with the total supply being limited to 500,000,000 tokens that can be purchased on Ethereum. We have a hard cap of $3,000,000 — the majority of which we expect to raise from the private sale round with $2,300,000. The seed round and public sale round will be worth approximately $350,000. The initial market cap will be $1,340,000, with an initial circulating supply of 33,508,000 tokens.

So how do we use them?

CRYPT tokens will be used for transactions at our in-game marketplace and the purchasing of gacha. Due to their limited supply, tokens inflation in World of Cryptia is essentially avoided.

We also have a secondary token - the TIA token

Here is an infographic to distinguish between the two

Host: Interesting to know more about this! Can you share too Cryptia’s whitepaper so everyone can explore more?

Ms. Dao: Oh actually, the WP is currently under maintenance :frowning: We will send it to you immediately after it’s done being perfected, if that’s ok. We apologize for this inconvenience :frowning:

Host: No worries! Let’s proceed. That ends our Segment 1. Let’s go to the next one!

In the 2nd segment, Warena Team answered 5 questions picked from AMA Announcement on the Twitter channel.

Host: Earlier, our team have picked 5 questions for this AMA Session from here

Question 1: @abdulazzam1505
You mention that your developer is japanese, I’m curious about what the next character concept will be in the game. Will your developer consider adding Japanese Characteristics like Samurai, Yakuza, or maybe adopt famous Anime as a concept, like Naruto or one piece?

The character concept is based on a medieval europe concept, since this concept has more room for fantasy characters like wizards and elves. With 3 races, 6 classes, and a variety of rarity and skillset. I do not think we will need more characters any time soon :sweat_smile:

Question 2: @abdulazzam1505
There are several unique gameplay features in cryptia game i.e: World-class Art & Design, Crypto Based Training Dojos, PvP Guild Bar, Team Ruins Exploration. What is the different between each features? How does it work And How users can generate profit from these features?

Wow excellent question! Brace yourself, cuz this is gonna be loooooong.

Cryptocurrency-Based Training Dojo

Unlock and strengthen your adventurer’s special skills at our state-of-the-art training dojo. What sets our dojo apart from other games’ character-enhancing facilities is how the efficacy of a training session fluctuates alongside the exchange rate of real-world cryptocurrency. Choose a type of cryptocurrency with which you wish to associate your training session, and hold them in until the coin’s price substantially increases to get your money-worth of a transcended super-adventurer!

World Class Art & Design

Our senior experts at Gianty Inc. use a versatile combination of Spine, Photoshop, After Effect, and Unity to design and upgrade all visual components that make up Cryptia. WoC’s graphic design is overall an explosion of colors and action-packed animation, leaving you breathless at every turn.

Guild War:

Guild war is WoC’s largest PvP event, in which guilds compete with one another over the rights to manage and operate Cryptia’s ruins. Like i’ve said earlier, those who wins in a guild war gets ownership of a ruin. As you upgrade your ruin, they will become a lot easier to conquer - and when that reputation is spread, people will FLOOD your entrance

When that happens, you can charge them with a fee and earn some tia tokens to yourself

You earn actual money through Cryptia in two ways:

  1. Invest in the Crypt, become one of our investors

  2. Upgrade and sell your NFT items and heroes to other players at the marketplace

Host: Here is the 3rd question: @dnggiaphong2
Cryptia has raised $3M in its fundraising event, Can You provide information about the Backers of the project?How will these Funds help the Cryptia Platform?

So first, about our investors. Due to the reputation of our strategic partners (Icetea Labs, FomoCraft, Gianty, RikkeiSoft,…) and our core team, we have garnered around 130 investment offers from venture capitals and incubators all over the globe!
The 3M USD are from the ones we are convinced that will commit to us on a long-term, as community-building is what we prioritize.

There are many, but here are a few of the “giants” with huge contributions.

Regarding allocation:

​​Nearly a quarter of the token allocation will be saved for ecosystem development. A big part will also be allocated for the development of the project foundation (over 19%), in order to build the strongest and most sustainable base for Cryptia to grow further. On top of that, marketing activities are also among our top priorities, with an allocation of around 13%

Host: Question 4: @feby1105
I understand that Cryptia is a NFT gaming platform which have native token ‘CRYPT’. Could you explain to us what are the function of CRYPT token in Cryptia project? Is it for game currency, use for farm/stake, or maybe for governance system?

The CRYPT can be staked in a locked wallet for around 5-10 years with a number of benefits, kinda like a saving account (more details on this will be revealed very soon)

It’s also used to purchase in-game gacha, which increases your chance of gaining rare heroes/ items that will help you level up a lot easier

Question 5: @feby1105
Based on my experience, most of traditional gamers prefer to play mobile games over browser games. So, Do you have any plans to Develop CRYPTIA Game to ANDROID and iOS Versions in order to attract more traditional gamers to your game? If yes, please share the details with us?

We definitely do!

As you can see here in the roadmap, next year, after everything is settled perfectly with our PC version. We will move onto developing the best phone game to you guys, Which is Gianty’s profession, so you’ve got a lot to be excited about.

In the last segment, Man Dao did answer several short questions from the PolkaFoundry community. Best 5 questions will share a pool of $200:star_struck:

1/ What has your current project achieved? And what are your project plans for the future?

Our current milestones include:

  1. Getting to talk with miscellaneous communities all over the world through AMAs like this - I think so far we have had over 70.

  2. Creating a budding, close-knit community of international fans even before the gameplay is released! Our Twitter just got over 5000 followers after around a month of operation!

  3. Gaining 3M at our private sale round yesterday

2/ Currently, a lot of games attract users on the premise of making money. It usually lacks gameplay and storytelling. What kind of gaming experience will #Cryptia bring to us? How can we apply for the game testing? What is the usecase of the token in your gaming ecosystem?

You’re absolutely right! Current NFT games focus more on being a niche, creative trading platform for crypto professionals, rather than being, well, a game. Being diehard gamers ourselves, we center Cryptia’s development around being an exciting gaming experience that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their interest/knowledge on NFT and blockchain.

What makes our gameplay interesting is, firstly, its nucleus - the “team ruin exploration” feature - is carried out by the Roguelike system. This allows gamers to experience new quests no matter how many times they repeat a level. Thus, Cryptia keeps you on the edge, even when you’re just merely playing alone to kill time.

Gameplay | Interview with Cryptia Game Developers - YouTube Here is a video explaining the gameplay by our game developers. And for those who wish to enjoy Cryptia with other people, we also have a plethora of features that allow them to do so, such as PvP events and Guild Wars (where guilds compete with one another over the rights to manage and operate Cryptia’s ruins).

Although we know for a fact that our gameplay is top-notch, we always think there is room to approve. Thus, we will hold weekly voting sessions, where we learn what our players like and don’t like about certain aspects of our games. By doing so, we ensure that players are committing to a platform where their opinions are respected!

3/ I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your project periodically and also invite developers to build?

Hmm, interesting idea.

Since we have a lot of security incentives with our investors and users, a hackathon might not be the best idea - don’t wanna scare off our money makers, haha

But thanks for the input tho, we will definitely come up with events that developers and hackers like yourself can enjoy. Do voice your idea on our subreddit, telegram, and later on, the community voting sessions !

4/ Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

So, our team was originally a tight-knit group of like-minded computer engineers who, upon our graduation in universities abroad, all came back to Vietnam in the hope of contributing to the technological landscape of our home country.

In 2017, our CEO came across a survey that showed only 10% of the world’s population actually enjoyed their job. As a fun-loving person, he was intrigued by this report, and started incubating his own play2earn game, where players can find both material and emotional fulfillments within the comfort of their phone/ computer screens.

Acknowledging NTF games’ as an innovative infotainment experience where gaming and blockchain come together to create an enriching virtual universe, our team has been working tirelessly to create a Tokenomic fantasy world with exceptional visual, enthralling gameplay, and profound community value.

5/ Is your platform a global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

It will be a globally released game, but region restrictions may applied to countries under sanction by the FATF and our launchpads - Gamefi and Redkite


Host: :pray::pray::pray::blush::blush:

Thank you for picking and answering questions from the Community.

Appreciate the time and effort you have shared to us for today’s AMA Session.

Please don’t forget to share too CRYPTIA’s Official Links for community to follow :rocket:

Ms. Dao: Thank you so much for having me! Here are some of our new character designs.
As a gift for you guys - we wanna show how much we appreciate this talk :heart:

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