AMA Recap: RedKIte x SoccerHub on 27 September 2021

Dear PolkaFoundry community,

On September 27, 2021, our team conducted an AMA with Soccer Hub - the very first soccer management game built as a play-to-earn game exclusively for soccer lovers and crypto enthusiasts.

The AMA session was held in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram channel, with the participation of Hannah Nguyen - CMO of Soccer Hub. She answered numerous interesting questions about the project’s features, their working process, upcoming plans etc.

:pushpin: The AMA format:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $200 :tada:

Below is the recap of the AMA session

Host: Welcome to RedKite by PolkaFoundry Community, Ms. Hannah Nguyen - CMO of Soccer Hub :raised_hands:

Ms. Hannah: Nice to e-meet all of you guys here. Great thanks for your interest in SoccerHub and for attending AMA today.

Host: Now let’s start! We’ll go ahead 1st to our Segment 1. Here is the 1st question:

Can you please introduce yourself, how you started your journey in crypto and your position to the team?

Ms.Hannah: Sure! My pleasure! I’m Hannah - CMO of SoccerHub

And brief info about myself in the past until now:

  • Business Development Manager of Chainos Solution - 1 of top 10 blockchain companies in Vietnam

  • 4 years of experience as a marketer

  • 3 year experience in IT industry

  • Have great passion for Blockchain innovation

  • Big fan of Soccer & betting activities

And so, Chainos leads me to crypto & this project.

Host: What an awesome experience and you surely a great fit to your current position!

Ms. Hannah: Thanks for your kind words!

Host: You are welcome :pray: Going for the next question. Can you introduce more about Soccer Hub?

Ms. Hannah: So proud to share it!

SoccerHub is inspired by top soccer manager games in the world like TopEleven, Football manager, but following the principle of a play-to-earn game. In fact, one guy from my team - Harry Dau is a fan of Top Eleven, and the full team are big fan of Soccer.

Sharing the same enthusiasm for creating a game hub for global fans of soccer, we gather teams and decided to kickoff Soccerhub in May. The soccer manager gaming activities of Soccerhub are still being designed and planned to be released next year. However, on IDO event and many other promising gaming activities are also coming soon.

Host: Thank you for that clear and concise explanation. For the next question, Can you explain the Play-To-Earn mechanics in the game?

Ms. Hannah: Sure!

As a play-to-earn game, Soccer lovers can enjoy playing many exciting activities as a Soccer Manager while earning $SCH tokens by trading, staking, winning matches, or even betting system. And especially, you can earn $SCH from our first phase with some mini-games released right after our IDO. They are very promising & quite addictive for sure!

Host: That is exciting to hear! Can you explain further about your roadmap and plans for the game in the future, Hannah?

Ms. Hannah: Nice question! The first and foremost milestone is that we are launching ~3000 orginally designed NFT players and our own Marketplace. Our overall roadmap is to start releasing NFT Player this Sep 29th with IDOs, NFT Players Sales, Marketplace, and a bunch of exciting Minigames. You can play the games from our first phase as mentioned earlier. About the soccer manager game, we’ll release it at the 3rd phase in Q1 2022. The web version will be out first, and then we will have smartphone version for our community too! The most complete version of SoccerHub will be released in Q3, 2022 with a betting service.

Host: We can’t wait for these to happen very soon! For sure, the community is very excited with that too!

Ms. Hannah: Great to hear that :heart: Our team are motivated a lot !

Host: We are done with Segment 1

In the 2nd segment, Ms. Nguyen answered 5 questions picked from AMA Announcement on the Twitter channel.

1st question:
In SoccerHub, most gaming activities are surrounding the NFT players. My question is, what is the minimum & maximum number of players that a single user can own at the same time? Can we build multiple NFT squad? And how can we upgrade our player?

  • Thanks for good question !

When the competition feature is released, you’ll need at least 15 NFT players to form a team, and join and tournament.The maximum is unlimited, but when staking registers to participate in the tournament, it is not possible to stake more than 23 players. Currently, we are building a model of 1 wallet for a squad. If you wants to have multiple teams, you can use multiple wallets to register. We’re also considering using 1 wallet and have multiple teams. Need more recommendations from you guys.

2nd Question:
How do you make users believe that "SoccerHub’ is a high-quality, long-term project? Please share 3 main points to convince me and other angel investors to invest in it long term?

Unlike the traditional ecosystem, the model of Soccer Hub is to reward all the players for their time and effort in building the ecosystem. Rather than selling game items, our development team concentrates on the value of developing NFT soccer players that bring economic opportunities for players as these

NFT soccer players can not be copied, they are the only-one players having discrete genes and skills.

Our core team aim Soccerhub would be a long-life-circle game that can last for such a long term like many other soccer manager games being adored over the last decade and attracts millions of soccer fans worldwide. So focusing on building our game and features is the long term plan of us so more and more investors will want to play and earn $SCH not only staking it

For the 3rd question :
I read that the NFT soccer players are generated randomly by blockchain with different features: Attributes, Position and Statistics. Can you explain each one of those features? And are they permanent or can they be upgradeable? If so, how can users enhance those features?

Yes, I would love to share more about our NFT players. The only characters in the game are NFT soccer players, and are generated by Blockchain with random Attributes (15 different attributes), Positions (14 different positions), and Statistics (17 different statistics).

  • Attributes are divided into 3 categories: Defence, Attack and Physical & Mental

  • Positions include: GK, DL, DC, DR, DML, DMC, DMR, ML, MC, MR, AML, AMC, AMR, and ST

  • Statistics are basic information including player’s quality, available skill point, field roles, nationality, height, weight, right-footed/ left-footed, market value, season wage, age, special ability,…

Currently, we are GIVING AWAY our first 5 NFT players HERE . LET’S JOIN AND GRAB SOME NFT GUYS!

4th question:
At the moment , where SoccerHub are focusing right now ? building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships ? Could you share it?

Thank you for the question. As the IDOs is coming, our game is about to be released, SoccerHub has lot of thing to prioritize, but we currently focus on the quality of the game and marketing plan. - Our dev team is working tirelessly to bring SoccerHub’s community the best version of our game, including incomings minigames like staking, releasing NFT players…

  • Our marketing team is working with KOLs, investors, backers, partners to extend our brand to cryptocurrency field.

Last question:
How can we play in the game? As a player or a soccer manager only? What are the activities we can play on SoccerHub?

There are 2 roles to play in SoccerHub: A Soccer Manager and A Betting Player.

A Betting player interacts with the Betting System to try their luck.

As a soccer manager, you can:

  • Build up club squad from NFT marketplace

  • Equip facilities for the club from NFT marketplace

  • Train players

  • Join competition with his own strategy

  • Buy/sell NFT players on transfer market

In the live questions sections, . Hannah Nguyen did answer several short questions from the PolkaFoundry community. Best 5 questions will share a pool of $200 :star_struck:

1/ Partnerships are crucial for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have currently and future partnerships ?

Here, you can take a look at our current backers/investors. In addition to these main investors, there are also more than 70 global KOLs. SoccerHub team graciously acknowledges the support of our investors for being a part of our growth. We strongly believe their resources, industry experience, and strategic recommendations will greatly assure and foster SoccerHubs’ future success.

2/ I’m kinda curious about the minigames feature that your team is developing. Can you tell me what kind of mini-games are you planning? How can we earn benefits through that? Can we have a sneak peek at your game?

According to our Roadmap, the minigame stage will be held as one of the milestones. Our minigame were built with the goal of presenting our game and assisting you in improving your soccer management abilities to level up your NFT players. SoccerHub community can have fun playing exciting Mini-games that center around the NFT soccer players while also earning $SCH tokens by winning and receiving rewards.

With addictive gameplay and incredible rewards, the Minigames are sure to stir up our community and attract new users to get on board with us.

3/ What is the most ambitious goal of Project ? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Thanks Carter for your interest in SoccerHub!
Our ultimate goal of this project is to be one of the top NFT games for millions of soccer fans who have an interest in soccer manager as well as play-to-earn games. By Blockchain technology and the team’s creativity, we want to connect huge numbers of soccer fans all over the world and transform unique ideas into reality in a virtual world.

IDO event is coming very soon on Redkite so the community can buy $SCH tokens. Don’t forget to join whitelist now guys: HERE

4/ Do you have a Token Burning🔥plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest???

Yes, we have Token Burning. We plan to burn tokens as follows:

  • collect fees when participating in tournaments

  • charge when betting

  • collect fees when joining the marketplace

  • or an NFT player who has reached retirement age

And we will burn those tokens, that NFT player"

5/ Can you list 1-3 killer features of your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Well, I can list some main gaming features as follows:

  • Level-up NFT Players

  • Form your NFT Squad as SoccerManager

  • Join tournament

  • Join betting

Our killer feature is our high-level NFT player which is generated randomly by Blockchain technology with different specifications (including15 different attributes; 14 different positions; 17 different statistics).

In comparison with other NFT games, we focus on unique gaming experiences, allow users to play multi-roles (or Soccer Manager or Betting Player).

Compared to other Soccer Manager Game, we believe the model P2E of SoccerHub can open many economic opportunities for soccer fan community all over the world.

Ms. Hannah: ​​Well, we’re done 5 live questions! Thanks Redkite Team for holding this amazing AMA!

Host: Thank you so much for your time and participation for today’s AMA, CMO of SoccerHub. Please share here SoccerHub Official Links too for community to follow :pray:

​​All of the Soccer Hub’s activities will be updated daily on

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