AMA with DeFi 11 on September 16, 2021

At 02:00 p.m UTC, September 16, 2021, PolkaFoundry’s team held an AMA with DeFi 11 - the first-ever DeFi fully decentralised gaming project for fantasy sports and NFT gaming.

DeFi11 is the initial DeFi decentralized gaming ecosystem worldwide for fantasy sports, NFT gaming, and P2P predictions. It focuses on decentralizing the virtual sports industry and generating a scam-proof platform for players.

The AMA session was conducted in PolkaFoundry’s Telegram channel, with the participation of Mr. Tushant Suneja - Operations Manager of DeFi 11. He answered questions about the project’s features, potential opportunities, and upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guests and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of 2 whitelist spots for $D11 Community pool.

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another AMA Session with DeFi 11 represented by their Operations Manager - Mr. Tushant Suneja :raised_hands:

Mr. Tushant Suneja: Hello everyone. Glad to meet you. Hope you all are doing great!

Host: Are you ready for the AMA?

Mr. Tushant Suneja: Yes, I am ready!

Host: Awesome! Let’s go :muscle:
Firstly, can you introduce yourself, how did you start your journey in cryptocurrency? And currently, your position on the team?

Mr. Tushant Suneja: Hi everyone, my name is Tushant Suneja, I am Operations Manager at DeFi 11. I came from a software background then got myself into analytics. Then got an overall idea of the process while working with the big tech giants like Citibank and Newgen. Go knowledge of the domain and all the operations. Then was offered a post as Operation Manager at DeFi 11.

Host: Your background is superb! For the 2nd question, can you explain more what is DeFi 11?

Mr. Tushant Suneja: :rocket:DeFi11 is the World’s First Decentralized Fantasy Gaming Ecosystem.:fire:
Imagine it as a Fantasy Gaming Application where you don’t need to do any KYC from your account to add funds and play. You just come play & win. Without any details or questions asked.

Host: That would be an awesome experience for everyone :raised_hands: Thank you for the direct and clear explanation!
For the last question, are there any big marketing/community building activities will come after IDO? If so, please share more details with us.

Mr. Tushant Suneja: As you must have seen in our recent tokenomics. We have a cliff for all our Investors for 30 days and also have a small initial market cap.

We are already going on with full force on marketing. But the real work that will begin is at the time of listing. That would be our countdown and sole motive for community building. Plans are already in motion! Want to keep it a surprise for you guys. So that you can be a part of the most thrilling crypto journey of the year!

Host: That is exciting to hear! :rocket::rocket: Now, let’s go ahead for the 2nd Segment - Twitter Questions.

Mr. Tushant Suneja: Okay.

In the 2nd segment, Mr. Tushant Suneja answered 5 questions picked from AMA Announcement on the Twitter channel.

1. I looked at the DeFi 11 website. Maybe DeFi 11 in the future will be a very demanding game with all its fun. How can I play the game? I need to download any app or is it on the website?Are there any special requirements so that our mobile devices can play games smoothly and easily.

We launched our Alpha App in April which was a pretty big shot game we didn’t hope for much attention. But still we got 1000+ download in first 5 minutes of App going live. And more that 7000+ downloads in less than 24 hours.

The soul motive of DeFi11 is to create a hassle free experience for their users. So that they can enjoy seamlessly with just a single click on their mobile phone.

The Beta App was made after the overwhelming response and feedback from our customers. So it took more time than planned. But we are happy to announce that it will be launching soon after our IDO.

To download our Application you have to visit our website i.e .

It won’t be available on PlayStore or have a web version. But yes it will be available for mobile devides such as Android and iOS.

2. Can you show me your token distribution? What are the additional benefits of holding your tokens over those that don’t hold your tokens and is there also any benefits for long term holders?

Here are our current tokenomics! Additional benefits would be in DeFi 11 Ecosystem where $D11 would act as the governance coin!

3. As I see in your roadmap, #DeFi 11 is targeting to develop Virtual World Beta in Q4. Can you please give some information about Virtual World Beta? What surprising features does it have? Can anybody access when it is available?

The D11 Token is built as a unique gaming utility token on top of D11 Protocol which you can use to pay contest fees, buy assets, redeem game rewards, etc into D11 token for fiat swap or redemption.

NFT marketplace is the next thing coming in soon. Its literally huge and never seen before! It is a complete hybrid world combining virtuality and reality!

First and foremost, we are completely decentralised, i.e, we hold no access or control over users account. All their private keys and wallets are with them. And it is all just at the convenience of their hands and their mobile phones. Everything is just controlled seamlessly via mobile phone.

As for the future and revenue we all know crypto is the future. We all live in an adaptive world so we need to pick up the pace.
With DEFI11 mobile app you live in a world where all the options are right in front of you.

4. What is your revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit? So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

Here at DeFi 11, we pride ourselves in delivering rich and polished experiences that our userbase can enjoy and immerse themselves into. With these cutting edge features, we intend to provide best in class experience to every user.
Here are our unique features. More will be added.
Total would be 11 as the name suggest DeFi 11. We would make an Decentralized Ecosystem with 11 unique features. Each one more interesting and revolutionizing from other.

5. Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will DeFi11 reach non-English local communities? Do you have any plan for them to better understand your project?

DeFi11 has local communities also. Currently we have Vietnamese and Korean community also. Audience can ping and ask the moderators for links to join those communities!
Further support of forming other communities is already in action. Updates regarding that would be rolling out soon!

In the live questions sections, Mr. Tushant Suneja did answer several short questions from the PolkaFoundry community. Best 2 questions will get 2 whitelist spots for $D11 Community pool on the Red Kite launchpad :star_struck:

1. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Currently our Token isn’t listed yet. So don’t believe any fake news. Stay tuned to our original channels for latest news.
IDO is on 20th. September, 2021.
It’s a Dual IDO . So the two Launchpads are Polystarter and Redkite by PolkaFoundry.
Whitelisting for both the Launchpads has already begin and the pool is getting filled pretty fast.

After the IDO on 20th Sep, 2021 there will be a big CEX listing just one hour after the IDO. While we will also be listing on DEX side by side.

Our contract and token address are live on our website itself.

2. There are already many GameFi projects in the market. Can you please tell What Extra do DeFi11 Offer to gamers? How beneficial is DeFi11 for gamers?

DeFi11 isn’t just any normal gaming platform. It is a well thought and we’ll designed Mobile Application that is made keeping a single motive in mind to make life of our users easier and how to make grow their capital easily while contributing to the Ecosystem!


This ends our AMA Session for today. We hope you learned more about DeFi 11 projects. Thank you for your participation! :tada:

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