Icetea Platform's strategic product #1: TeaWork

Built by Icetea Platform team, TeaWork is the first Icetea decentralized application that we want to introduce to the community.


TeaWork is an application to support human resource management and internal marketing activities that was built on Icetea Platform.

TeaWork consists of two main parts: a procedural-free bonus points system and a streamlined HR administration process suitable for startups in the development stage and SME companies. This makes TeaWork user-friendly and ensures high security for employee data management.

In addition, TeaWork supports internal communication and build corporate culture such as reminding events, organizing events or online mini games, online newsletters and so on.

By applying blockchain technology, personnel information on TeaWork is encrypted and confidential; information related to giving - receiving bonus points is recorded and redeemed as gifts not only within the company but also circulated in the TeaWork ecosystem.

Last January, Icetea Platform joined hands with one of Vietnam’s largest technology companies, Rikkeisoft, in a collaborative effort to bring TeaWork to the Japanese market - a market where both companies have many years of working experience.

Currently, TeaWork is being deployed in two companies Viet InterActive (formerly Bread n 'Tea) and Ekoios. These are two technology companies, respectively, in the field of martech / comtech and infrastructure with a company size of up to 100 people.

Along with that, Icetea is eager to cooperate with companies and startups who want to apply blockchain technology in human resource management activities in general as well as bring TeaWork to use in daily work in particular. With a free lifetime operation policy for startups under 10 people (*) as well as free deployment for the first 300 businesses to use TeaWork (**), Icetea targets to become a reliable companion of startups to grow and expand together.

The latest updates on Icetea Platform and TeaWork will be posted on Icetea forums and Telegram chat. Please stay tuned for new events from Team Icetea

(*) (**) Terms and conditions apply. Please contact directly for assistance.