Introducing PEX exchange demo - A port of Uniswap on PolkaFoundry testnet

Dear PolkaFoundry community,

We are excited to present you with the Uniswap version on PolkaFoundry tesnet - PEX exchange is now available for public participation.

After a few months of development, we are confident that PolkaFoundry testnet is well-functional enough to host complicated dApps like Uniswap and successfully connect to Metamask, the most popular crypto accessing gateway.

With PolkaFoundry being 100% compatible with Ethereum, dApp developers are entitled to reproduce/port a dApp like Uniswap from Ethereum to PolkaFoundry without modification. Apart from a required slight config, it does not take much effort to switch to the PolkaFoundry network and receive more benefits from our ecosystem.

This Uniswap-based exchange demo is a piece of clear evidence to prove that the DEX projects on PolkaFoundry can truly take advantage of what we offer. Moreover, giving developers our promise to equip them with the complete set of PolkaFoundry’s DeFi UX-enabling features and other services, we provide enough room for creativity and innovation and facilitate projects to add unique features to their products. PolkaFoundry team is currently in discussions with several partners to build highly innovative DEXs on our platform.

We would like to invite you to give it a go on our DEX on testnet mode - PEX exchange and tell us your experience/feedback. Please kindly note, PEX exchange is for demonstration and testing purposes only.

Below are the instructions:

Step 1: Add PolkaFoundry Testnet to your Metamask wallet

Login your Metamask address → Click to “Ethereum Mainnet” Network → Choose “Custom RPC”

And Save!

Step 2: Add PKF token into the Asset tab on Metamask to show your PKF balance

Go to Asset → Add token → Custom token

  • Token contract address: 0xDFEA8Ae8228d89e6a2480f5D24C4100171CfD34e
  • Token symbol: PKF
  • Decimals: 18

Step 3: Claim ETH Testnet Tokens: go to PolkaFoundry Faucet bot on Telegram

Use commands: /help and follow its instructions.

You are supposed to see a command: /faucet to_address - insert your address after /faucet. For example:

You are allowed to claim 1 ETH testnet token per day.

Step 4: Go to Go to the “PolkaFoundry” network on Metamask. You are supposed to see your ETH testnet balance.

Step 5: Swap tokens and add liquidity as your wish on the Uniswap PolkaFoundry-based version.

With 1 ETH you claim, you can swap ETH for PKF.

Then use both funds (ETH & PKF) to go to Pool and add liquidity.

Thank you for your participation! Let us know your thoughts and/or feedback while using PEX on under this topic.

How PEX exchange was built: We grabbed the Uniswap source code from Github, changed some configuration, and deployed it to our platform. And it works beautifully. Refer here for PEX’s source code: GitHub - polkafoundry/pex: The Uniswap's sister on PolkaFoundry.

Need more information about PolkaFoundry?

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Hello. How about the gas fees on the network deal.with that

I noted recurring issue with adding liquidity.

Transaction failed each time I tried.

Hi. Let’s use the browser version (metamask extension). The gas fee is calculated automatically by the Metamask app and it only works with some specific chains such as Mainnet, Ropsten, …

We have some troubles with adding liquidity. Will fix it soon.

There is a big issue on adding liquidity on the PEX network. Anytime liquidity is added, it does not show the liquidity that has been added. I keep adding liquidity everyday without me seeing the previous liquidity I have added.

Am glad this is a testnet so the team has to do everything possible to fix this issue since so many people are complaining about it.

Hope to get a positive result from the team after the complaints has been tendered.

We’re aware of it.
We haven’t implemented the contract for the pool yet, so this is why the liquidity you’d added not show up.
Will fix it soon.

Does that mean we should stop adding liquidity

No, Just do it. Your added liquidity still impacts the pool.

Additionally, You can try some features such as deploy your own Erc20 Token, create a pool, swap, …

And I am looking forward to hearing bug reports or improvement ideas from you all :pray: