ORAO Network to Create Customized Data Products for PolkaFoundry

Across all industries, blockchain technology is enabling decentralized networks to fully interoperate with one another to support innovative new products and services. These cross-chain solutions require real-time access to secure data sources. We are pleased to announce our partnership with the ORAO Network, an oracle service for custom data feeds, to provide dApps building on PolkaFoundry a data gateway to virtually any blockchain.

As native Polkadot chains, the partners will leverage interoperability to fulfill the following commitments:

  • PolkaFoundry will integrate ORAO’s oracles into its one-stop production hub for DeFi dApps building on Polkadot
  • ORAO’s oracles will provide dApps with access to external and cross-chain data at high speed in real-time
  • Furthermore, dApps will be able to expand their DeFi and NFT-market use cases through new data products developed for PolkaFoundry

PolkaFoundry provides developers with a one-stop production hub for creating dApps for the DeFi and NFT market that can interoperate frictionlessly on Polkadot. Developers require access to many sources of seamless data feeds to build cross-chain solutions. Towards these efforts, ORAO will provide a wide choice of interoperable and custom data products for dApps on PolkaFoundry.

Specifically, ORAO’s cross-chain oracle network will provide a wide variety of external data feeds for dApps on the PolkaFoundry platform. A growing choice of data products is made possible by ORAO’s Predefined Data Protocols, which replace fixed protocols with customizable protocols. Consequently, PolkaFoundry users will have access to a growing array of custom data products, expanding the DeFi and NFT use cases supported by PolkaFoundry.

Ensuring high-quality data feeds is another way PolkaFoundry supports the frictionless development and deployment of dApps in the Polkadot ecosystem. The ORAO network uses a custom-built neural net to continuously monitor data feeds and the reliability of individual data providers. This reputation system will protect PolkaFoundry users against stale or malicious data.

The PolkaFoundry-ORAO partnership supports the goals of both projects to advance interoperability among blockchains. The partners have committed to future cooperation on the development of custom data solutions to meet the evolving requirements of dApps. ORAO data providers will support these efforts by curating custom data solutions for any requirements.


ORAO Network is a Polkadot-native oracle service for custom data feeds. Our substrate-based blockchain provides a large variety of secure data at high speed in real-time, everything from local weather data to the outcome of football matches with maximum scalability for any blockchain.


PolkaFoundry is a platform for building borderless and frictionless DeFi dApps on Polkadot. It aims to be the one-stop production hub for DeFi dApps with all the necessary features, services, integrations, and tools for DeFi experiments, innovations, and real-world solutions. Taking advantage of the interoperability and scalability of Polkadot as well as integrating many DeFi-friendly services into the platform, PolkaFoundry also provides UX-enabling features that make dApps as easy to use as normal applications and bring dApps to the masses.

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