$PKF is now Available on MANTRA DAO Staking!

1/ Major Update: We are delighted to announce the New Asset Available on MANTRA DAO Staking! :loudspeaker:

Stake your $PKF tokens on Mantra’s staking platform early to earn a higher percentage APR

Join here: app.mantradao.com/staking

2/ Under this program, the new $PKF staking pool is live today on MantraDAO. Participate now as the pool staking rewards begin accruing today✨

3/ Roughly 0.08 $PKF per block will be distributed and unstaking takes an 8 day unlocking period or 2% fee for immediate unstaking🙌

Don’t miss out to earn some $PKF🔥

4/ " Staking will also increase the chance of winning IDO slots on projects launching on PolkaFoundry in the future. We will release details relating to the this in the upcoming days"

Thi Truong, CEO of PolkaFoundry

Stay tuned for more updates.