PolkaFoundry AMA with Kaby Arena on August 26, 2021

Guests’ background
We will have our AMA today with Kaby Arena Team participated by their CEO Nhan Bui and COO Anh Phan :raised_hands:

Nice to meet you all
Pleasure to be here

Thank you for both of you for your time for today’s AMA Session :rocket:
Now let’s start with an introduction - Can you introduce yourself Mr. Nhan Bui and Mr. Anh Phan and what are your positions on Kaby Arena?

Hello everyone, big thanks to your interest in our project and for attending this AMA and I’m Nhan, co-founder and CEO of Kaby Arena. My partner Anh Phan is the COO.
A bit about myself, I have a background in competitive gaming with Dota 1. With the release of Dota 2 on Steam and Steam Marketplace, I got into collectibles trading and made quite a bit of money in 2013-2014. However, with Steam, you never truly own the items and P2P trading for profit is trust-based and prohibited by Steam. That’s why when the idea of NFT game came out, it immediately clicked to me, and it was the primary drive to create Kaby Arena.

That’s an awesome background you have there! :muscle:
Let’s start our 1st question for our 1st segment! Can you explain what is Kaby Arena?

Kaby Arena is a Free-to-Play turn-based NFT game where everyone can start playing without the need of any investment. Kaby Arena also employs the Play-to-Earn model to reward players with tokens and equipment through dynamic gameplay and participation in PvP tournaments. With this seamless combination of the F2P and P2E models, Kaby Arena gives players the opportunity to play and profit at the same time.
Right now, Kaby Arena has completed most of its seed and private fundraising rounds totaled to $1.0M from many well-known investors. The public sale will be available on DAO Maker and RedKite launchpads starting tomorrow.

Thank you for the explanation! And congratulations for the upcoming event tomorrow for Kaby Arena. :rocket:
Let’s go ahead for the 2nd question. How does Kaby Arena work especially with the P2E mechanism?

Other than the usual token reward just like other NFT games, Kaby Arena also has rewards in the format of ERC1155 which include loot-boxes, equipment, ingame upgrade. All of which are fully tradable.

What are the advantages of Kaby Arena among other blockchain P2E games dominating in the industry right now?

Our advantages are of three major points:

  • The combination of F2P & P2E. As far as I know, most NFT games require players to invest first to play the game or to start earning. It is a great barrier to casual players. The consequence is that most games have low daily active users. 5k~6k at most. (The exception is Axie Infinity ofc, but it took them 3 years to get to where they are today). With Kaby Arena, players can profit right away from the start. With skills & strategy & some luck, they can even earn big by winning tournaments.
  • We have a strong foundation as an established Game Studio. Therefore, we can develop Kaby Arena in a swift manner. If you take a look at the roadmap on our website, you can see that we will have a demo by October and the actual game will come out in November which is only 3 months after the IDO. We believe this rapid development of the game will capture the hype of the community and bring a good reputation to our project.
  • Competitive-oriented gameplay. F2P brings us a broader audience, and competitive gameplay helps us retain them. All successful F2P games have their competitive scenes: FortNite, LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, etc. By following those giants’ footsteps, we hope to bring success and longevity to Kaby Arena.

For our last question for the 1st segment: Are there any big marketing/community building activities will come after IDO? If so, please share more details with us.

Surely! Community is vital to any game, any project.
We will have many contests for the community such as artwork contests, sticker contests, etc.
Furthermore, we will hold a workshop in December which is one month after the official game launch to take in feedback from the community.
We also have a plan for offline tournaments which always help gathering attention and building larger community (after the Covid situation gets better).

Superb! Thank you for your sharing these :raised_hands: Are you ready for our 2nd segment?
Ready :muscle:

Earlier our team has picked 5 questions from our Twitter post here:
Here is the 1st question:
What are the types of users on your project? How do you keep all users staying with your project for the long term

To be honest, we see every gamer as our primary target, either F2P/ Premium/ P2E, Casual/ Competitive.
We want to capture a larger audience than traditional NFT games. That’s why we introduce so many attractive mechanisms: Crypto Wars, PvP Waging, Tournaments, NFT renting, etc.
Furthermore, If you have a look at our whitepaper. You can see that we already have 1M MAU from our other games. We want to convert a part of them to Kaby Arena through giveaways campaigns or in-game advertisements.
For Premium players who early purchase our NFTs, we have in-game rewards for them and as I have mentioned before, our game will be developed swiftly which will keep them motivated as they can claim their purchase and actually play them sooner than many recent projects.

Here is the 2nd twitter question:
To ensure fairness for all players, they employ an ELO ranking algorithm and a customizable pairing system. So, can you explain how both the ELO ranking algorithm and the customizable pairing system work? How do these two features enhance the functionality of Kaby Arena???

Kaby Arena employs an ELO ranking algorithm that ranks you based on your recent performance against other opponents in PvP mode. If you win against a higher-ranked player, your rank will improve dramatically while if the opponent is lower rank than you then it will only improve a little bit. You can see this mechanism in many other games such as Dota 2, Fifa , etc.
A customizable pairing system (or more commonly known as matchmaking system) provides you with more options when you find PvP match. You will be matched with opponents that are similar rank with you and match your criteria. For example, you can choose to exclude players who have a full team of NFT heroes from the opponents pool.
The two features provide fairness to all players and make the game both fun and competitive to everyone.

3rd twitter question:
There are 4 HERO categories in #KabyArena: Support, Attack, Defend, HP. So Basically I want to know that what it these all about and how it works.

Sure, Categories are what dictate a role of a hero in the team, bringing harmony and balance.
These types will define the stats and the skills of the heroes.
For example:

  • An Attack type hero will of course have higher ATK than other type and their skills will more likely emphasize on that advantage. For example, the skills can be range from attacking a chosen target, dealing damage equal to a multiplier of the ATK to having a small percentage to one-hit the target!
  • On the contrary, a Defend type hero may have skills such as using dealing high DEF as damage or Taunt forcing the enemy to be only able to attack himself, taking the damage for more fragile teammates.
    For more details, please visit our “Get to know Kaby Arena” series on our medium @kabyarena

4th twitter question:
Can you explain to us about the requirement for participate in PvP tournaments? Do we need to hold $KABY tokens to take a part in the tournaments? If so, please tell us how much $KABY tokens we must to hold?

Our tournament is open to every player. We have 3 kinds of tournaments:

  1. Weekly tournament: everyone can participate, 4 similar rank players will be grouped together. The winner receives the prize and the weekly cup
  2. Quarterly tournament: Only the holders of the weekly cups can participate. 8 random players will be grouped together. Winner receive prize and the quarterly cup.
  3. Annual tournament: Our biggest event of the year. Holders of quarterly cups can participate. In addition, top 100 rank players can participate too. Largest prize pool.
    Our only concern is the current COVID-19 situation that can prevent offline events.

Before we end our 2nd segment for this AMA Session, I would like to remind the community that after this would be the live questions! Prepare your best questions for Kaby Arena team :fire:

Now for the last question coming from Twitter:
I read about the project that you have a free feature called Crypto Wars, so can you give details about this free feature? How does Crypto Wars work? What role does it play in the Kaby Arena ecosystem? How do users benefit from this feature?

Crypto Wars is a free feature available to all players.
The mechanism works as follow:

  • Players connect each unit in the game with one cryptocurrency at the beginning of the week.
  • During that week, any fluctuation in the market price/volume of the chosen crypto will give different bonuses to the hero. If the crypto goes up, your hero gets stronger and vice versa.
    To maintain game balance, these bonuses given by cryptocurrencies will be capped to a reasonable number. This mechanism is the unique feature that sets us apart from other NFTs games. It creates a connection between gameplay and the crypto market, and serves as an incentive for pure gamers who are unfamiliar with crypto to learn about our market.

Awesome answers Mr. Nhan Bui! :muscle:
Are you ready for the 3rd segment - Live Questions?
Ready :muscle:

Great! Let’s do this!

Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

There are several ways to earn from staking your tokens long term:

  • Players can stake their KABY tokens or LP tokens for passive income.
  • Players can stake their NFTs for loot-boxes, the higher the price of their NFTs the higher the rarity of their loot-boxes.

Trust and security is very important for the project so what is the Audit status of your project?

We are currently under the process of auditing. The audit is performed by Certik.

What is the tokenomics of your project ?
& How can I buy your token?

$KABY is our main currency with the total supply of 1B tokens.
The public sale price will be $0.007
$KABY tokens can be used to:

  • Exchange for resources or in-game upgrades.
  • Speed up time-gated content.
  • Mint NFT from free heroes.
  • Buy/rent NFT assets.
  • Open loot-boxes.
  • Wage against other players in PvP battles.
  • Stake for interest
    For more detail about the tokenomics, please refer to our whitepaper.
    Our public sale whitelist will open tomorrow on Red Kite! And on 30 August on DAO Maker

The concept of mixing free-to-play and pay-to-win models is fantastic; but, all players, both premium and free-to-play, must be treated equally. What safeguards are in place to ensure that each game remains competitive? How many types of competitions do you have on KabyArena?

To ensure fairness to every players, we employ an ELO Ranking algorithm and a dynamic Matchmaking System.

  • Players of similar rank will be matched together
  • Players has the option to choose match to only other F2P or Premium players
  • There is a mechanism call Crypto Wars for leverage: if the players predict the market correctly, their heroes receive buffs that can even out the advantages of Premium players
    We have 3 kinds of tournaments weekly, quarterly, annually. For more details, please visit our whitepaper.

According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?

Our most important milestone right now is the public sale which is only days away. Afterwards will be the demo launch in October and official game in November.
We have secured over 1M funding which is well enough to last us for a year or two.

Thank you for your answers, Mr. Nhan Bui!
This concludes our AMA Session for today with Kaby Arena team with their CEO Nhan Bui. Really appreciate your time joining us here on our community! :pray:

Would love if you can share some parting words as well as social links for the community to follow :rocket:
Thank you everyone for being here. I hope to see you again tomorrow on Red Kite!

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