PolkaFoundry - Monthly highlights - June 2021

Let’s take a look at PolkaFoundry’s highlights from June 1, 2021, to June 30, 2021.

1. PolkaFoundry Substrate-based version

  • Released PolkaSmith version 1.0.0 - parachain on Kusama,

  • Integrated staking into Halongbay Testnet,

  • Upgraded Polkadot version 0.9.7 for PolkaSmith,

  • Integrated and tested crowdloan on Halongbay Testnet,

  • Opened crowdloan campaign on Red Kite,

  • Integrated Grafana to monitor the system,

  • Built-in orml module, allowing to switch between Kusama and PolkaSmith,

  • Multicurrency on PolkaSmith, it is possible to pay fees on PolkaSmith with accepted tokens: KSM, PKF,

  • Integrated ChainBrdige, cross-chain communication with Ethereum.

2. PolkaSmith and Kusama parachain slot auction

Our crowdloan has reached over 17,500 $KSM and we together pushed PolkaSmith to top 6 Kusama network parachains.

Vote for PolkaSmith - a PolkaFoundry’s canary chain on Kusama:

Full collection - How to Join PolkaSmith Crowdloan here.

See details here.

3. Partnership

  • PolkaFoundry and Lossless form a partnership to expand the reach of blockchain.

    Lossless is the world’s first Defi hack mitigation tool for token creators. It aims to create a trusted and safe Defi ecosystem with minimized losses from hacks, exploits, or social engineering.

    See details here.

  • PolkaFoundry Partners with DeFi11 to Enhance Its DeFi and NFT Ecosystem.

    DeFi11 is a DeFi powered decentralized gaming ecosystem built on top of Matic Blockchain with Ethereum as the base layer. The platform aims to establish ethical standards in gaming by making the system transparent, auditable, and incentivizing. In this way, we are trying to bring more individuals to an already ripe gaming market which has been stifled due to lack of innovation.

    See details here.

4. IDO

Let’s review the IDOs on Red Kite in June, the next IDOs will be updated by us in the near future.

5. Newspaper

Red Kite (powered by PolkaFoundry) is rated as one of the top launchpads of 2021 alongside stars like Binance Launchpad, PolkaStater, and DuckDAO.

See details here.

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