PolkaFoundry Partners With Momentum 6 for Marketing and Growth Accelerator Services

We are proud to announce that Momentum6, a leading blockchain digital marketing agency, is the marketing strategist and official incubator of PolkaFoundry. In addition to guiding overall strategy and marketing, M6 will support PolkaFoundry funding initiatives.

PolkaFoundry is the one-stop dApp integration factory for the Polkadot ecosystem, and the missing UX solution to Web 3. Web 3.0 promises users the ability to own and monetize their data and services without intermediaries. Polkadot, the blockchain of blockchains, provides dApps with the scalability and interoperability to make it possible to give people control of their digital lives. However, current dApps are complicated and provide a poor user experience (UX) — one of the primary barriers to DeFi mass adoption.

Using PolkaFoundry’s toolbox for dApps with UX, scalability, utility and other developer tools, dApp developers can create seamless user experiences across decentralized and centralized services. Offering over a dozen advanced integration solutions, PolkaFoundry helps dApps easily and securely interface with other dApps and blockchains to deploy services, manage identities, store files, access Oracle data, and much more.

M6 is a digital marketing agency and incubator of blockchain projects uniquely qualified to guide PolkaFoundry’s next stage of growth. Among its clients, M6 has provided marketing and advisory services to various projects building the dApps, blockchains, and structure for Polkadot. With extensive experience supporting blockchain companies developing innovative use cases for the interoperable Polkadot ecosystem, Momentum 6 brings invaluable expertise to our go-to-market initiatives.

“Polkadot is rapidly evolving into a thriving ecosystem of chains whose interoperability increases digital asset utilization and value. PolkaFoundry makes this cross-chain communication possible by upgrading an inferior UX experience toa fully integrated solution managing data, identities, privacy, and security. Open lending, insurance, DEXes, and other DeFi services can seamlessly interoperate with the innovative data providers and dApps deploying here, creating enhanced and entirely new asset classes and financial services that drive value to the user,” commented Garlam Won, Managing Partner at Momentum 6.

Since more dApps are currently building for Polkadot than any other nextgen Web 3.0 blockchain, PolkaFoundry’s dApp integration features are important if not critical for Web 3.0 to flourish. Our universally compatible dApp solutions provide the bridge for secure and private data and asset transfers across crypto and real world applications.We look forward to the journey to the final frontier of DeFi mass adoption, providing seamless dApp interaction within flexible and composable blockchain networks, with the strategic marketing support of Momentum 6.

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