PolkaFoundry Platform’s strategic product #2: LoveLock

With the mission of bringing blockchain app to mainstream users, PolkaFoundry (former Icetea Platform) have worked hard on building more dApps with seamless UX that end-users do not need to acknowledge the tech behind. Last time, we had a chance to present TeaWork specializing in employee reward and recognition program in HR management. Continuing this series, we would like to introduce you LoveLock.

Website: https://lovelock.one

LoveLock is a micro-social network as an intimate place to store and cherish your meaningful memories. Safe, clutterless, and lasting.

Why LoveLock?

LoveLock stores memories with your beloved ones that last longer, and helps you stay connected with them.

  • No more your personal information being exploited by the 3rd parties without your acknowledgment/approval.
  • No more spam and advertisements.

Your demonstration of love is worthy to be marked and stayed for life. PolkaFoundry understands the value of all love memories towards the significant one, family, and close friends. LoveLock is where all your thoughts and sharings will be stored and unchanged forever on blockchain, on PolkaFoundry platform.

What is so special about LoveLock?

LoveLock = Lock/keep your memories, photos, stories, messages, videos, and so on, on BLOCKCHAIN, towards the ones that you love according to the timeline.

In LoveLock, each relationship is represented by a unique Lock. Each Lock will come with a promise, commitment, and message between you and your connections in that Lock.

There are 4 types of Lock that fit your various purposes:

  • Couple Lock (only be accessible by 2 people staying in LoveLock);
  • Personal Lock - Journal (only available for YOU);
  • Group Lock (shared by as many people in LoveLock as you wish, add contributors if you want), for example, a lock for your family, classmate, or travel buddies group;
  • Crush Lock (a lock is created with someone not in LoveLock and only YOU can post blogs), for example, a lock for your crush, your idol, your cute pet, or favorite manga characters;

The future plan for LoveLock

We aim to evolve LoveLock to become an innovative hub for personal development and human connection. We plan to release new functions that enable new services (healthcare sector, psychological counseling…) to not only help increase the quality of your relationships in life but also secure your data and protect your privacy. More built-in games will be added on later for your entertainment.

A new token for LoveLock issued on PolkaFoundry will be integrated into it so users can use it to transfer to each other, purchase services, and items within the PolkaFoundry ecosystem.

LoveLock will 2-way encrypt your chat and activate self-destroy messages per request. And it will allow users to select the privacy mode for each post on LoveLock and choose which information will be stored on the blockchain. So, be careful with your wish/promise :wink:

What you can do with LoveLock? And how to use LoveLock?

  1. Create your account here: https://lovelock.one and activate your account by filling the form http://bit.ly/LoveLock-AAR. Users will log in with their private key so each account (PolkaID) is unique and associated with a token address on PolkaFoundry.
  2. Create the Lock that you wish. Choose to Create from Menu button on the top right corner and select a type of Lock that you want to create.
  3. Create Memory in a Lock: It allows you to compose new messages or upload pictures/videos across different Locks that only your target audience in each lock can view.
  4. Make a blog in a Lock: Express your thought and feelings with the power of writing.

Note: Lovelock is in the beta phase. In this version, all information is accessible by everyone and all posts are in public mode.

Let’s get creative with LockLove and invite more friends to join us at lovelock.one!

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