PolkaFoundry Platform Team member Introduction - Thi Truong

Truong Hong Thi founded PolkaFoundry Platform (former Icetea) in November 2018, after 9 months working as a Technical Manager at Kyber Network - One of the largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Before that, Thi had 11 years working at FPT Software as Director of a software center. He has a lot of experience working with domestic and foreign projects, especially the Japanese market - a market known for high technical requirements.

With his hands-on experience, Thi is a member of the advisory and technical advisory board for blockchain projects of SotaTek, Ekoios, and many businesses in Vietnam and Japan. Moreover, he is a regular guest of workshops/webinars organized by the developer community such as Grokking, Developer Circle Hanoi, Hanoi Ethereum Meetup, or educational institutions like British International School.

Thi shared the concerns behind the establishment of PolkaFoundry Platform: "The problem of blockchain technology developers today is that they do not seem to focus on solving real problems. What is the processing per second, what the consensus algorithm is, it makes no sense if the platform has no users Blockchain application can only be widely accepted if it’s convenient. So the goal of PolkaFoundry Platform is to create ‘normal’ applications to the point where the user doesn’t realize it uses blockchain "

PolkaFoundry Platform recently signed strategic investment cooperation with Rikkeisoft to promote the project’s ecosystem development as well as launch in the Japanese market.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Thi likes to hang out drinking iced tea on the sidewalk and write a blog. Join PolkaFoundry Telegram group chat to communicate with Thi. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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