PolkaFoundry - Summary in March 2021

March is busy with a lot of key PolkaFoundry events to mark the project’s official launch to the global crypto community. We are excited to be an important piece of the Polkadot Ecosystem in particular and the blockchain industry in general. With the strong support of partners and community and a clear development roadmap, PolkaFoundry will step by step steadily achieve its goal of becoming a centralized production center for the leading DeFi dApp with a set of improvement tools. The most advanced UX-friendly PolkaFoundry Ecosystem.

Now, let’s take a look at PolkaFoundry’s March 2021 updates.

1. PolkaFoundry’s product development progress

1.1 PolkaFoundry Substrate-based version

Complete coding and test initial version.

Crowdloan and successful auction for Rococo parachain.

Porting a famous dapp from Ethereum on PolkaFoundry and it works smoothly.

Testing connection to Chainlink.

1.2. PolkaFoundry Ecosystem

1.2.1. Red Kite (part of PolkaFoundry)

Finish UI/UX design and specs. Start coding smart contracts.

1.2.2. An NFT system (external project)

Support project team to do high-level design and whitepaper; the team started coding some initial parts

1.2.3. dApp on PolkaFoundry

TeaWork Application: Released TeaWork version v0.9.9 at Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In this version we have added new features such as Register for remote, Approve proposals, and Staff.

TeaWork admin page (CMS): Updated new features: Login with PolkaID, Timeoff Statistics, Overtime Statistics, and Holiday Setting.

TeaWork Help Center website: Completed UI design of this website.

2. IDO

On March 16, 2021, through two platforms DuckSTARTER and ZENDIT, PolkaFoundry successfully ended IDO within just a few hours of opening the sale, achieving its target of swapping to market the amount of $ PKF tokens with a total value of 125,000 USD.

This is the milestone that marks the official PolkaFoundry introduction to the blockchain community. See details here.

3. Business Development

6 strategic cooperation signed in March is an impressive figure showing PolkaFoundry’s ambition to develop and complete the ecosystem. Our team strives to find and integrate the most beneficial tools and products for dApp developers into PolkaFoundry to enrich the user experience and reduce the gap between end-users and blockchain technology.

  • PolkaFoundry partners with Kylin Network (a data infrastructure provider for DeFi and Web 3.0) to provide high-quality Oracle data to its dApps. See details here.

  • PolkaFoundry and Paralink Network forge a new strategic partnership, to integrate their high-quality real-world data feeds into the PolkaFoundry platform. See details here.

  • PolkaFoundry and Orion protocol collaborate to bring limitless liquidity to DeFi dApps. See details here.

  • MANTRA DAO will build its Polkadot version on PolkaFoundry to drive DeFi adoption. See details here.

  • Genesis Shards will develop its liquidity engine on PolkaFoundry to support pre-IDO token markets. See details here.

  • Tidal to provide DeFi insurance coverage to PolkaFoundry Ecosystem and dApps. See details here.

4. Newspaper

A series of newspapers and famous KoL mentioned PolkaFoundry in the past month. Here are some of the news:

  • Author Daniel Phillips - Tech Deep Dives on Coinmarketcap (CMC) had an introduction to PolkaFoundry at coinmarketcap.com on March 16, 2021. See details here.

  • PolkaFoundry was mentioned by Ivan on Tech in a video analysis of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on March 17, 2021. See details from 11 minutes.

  • Crypto Banter rated PolkaFoundry among the top blockchains worth watching today. See details from 14 minutes.

  • According to the post on newsbtc.com March 20, 2021, by author Mark Hampton, PolkaFoundry is considered a panacea for dApp developers. See details here.

5. AMA Event (Ask Me Anything)

March is the month of the PolkaFoundry AMA marathon by Mr. Truong Hong Thi - Founder and CEO of the project. Mr. Thi Truong has joined a series of AMA events on international community groups to bring PolkaFoundry’s name to as many investors and programmers as possible.

The following is a summary calendar and a recap of interviews with Mr. Thi Truong for readers to learn more about the PolkaFoundry project on the product and ecosystem development orientation.

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