PolkaFoundry's $PKF Token Distribution For Seed & Private Rounds Investors

Dear PolkaFoundry supporters,

Thank you for your immense support and companionship since the early days of our project. All great effort is paid off well. Now it is time to claim your shares.

This post is for investors who participated in the private sale and seed round only. PKF tokens are released linearly every Ethereum block so basically, you can claim your tokens anytime. Therefore, we will be no longer rolling out monthly token release events as we used to discuss.

Please note that the first distribution that was received at the time of listing is not shown in this tool. This tool is designed for the 2nd token unlock onwards.

Below is the detailed instruction:

Step 1: Go to https://distro.polkafoundry.com/

Step 2: Connect your wallet and choose the Ethereum network.

Please note:

  • We support Metamask only.
  • You must connect to the address that you used to join the PolkaFoundry token sale. If you connect to the wrong address, you will see the number 0 in the “Claimable” section.

Step 3: Select your Voting round and Claim your tokens.

Click to “Select your Voting round" button and select your tier from the dropdown. You will see the number of claimable tokens you can withdraw right below.

You need to pay the gas fee in ETH for every withdrawal so you should leave some ETH in the address.

Leave us comment/feedback if any. Thank you!