Red Kite AMA with Faraland on 9 June, 2021

Segment 1: Guest’s background and Project Intro

Before we jump into the AMA, could you share your story first? Your background and how did you tap into the blockchain industry?
Son Ho: Yes. My name is Son Ho - Project Manager of Faraland. I have 4 years of experience in the crypto world and 7 years in the field of Marketing. I’m also the CMO of VCC Exchange. I recently joined the team with the hope of bringing not only a crypto project, but a real game to both crypto & non-crypto people.

So, what is your view about the rise of NFT market recently? And what are your strategies to make Faraland outstanding?
NFT market warmed up somewhere around September last year, but not until this year that they exploded. Yeah I thnk there’s a meaning to the rise of NFT. However, like any trend that you’ve seen in the crypto space such as Defi, IEO, IDO, many projects become bubbles, while the valuable and sustainable will stay. Actually there are many fields that involve NFT such as gaming, art, real estate, logistics, etc. However I can only state what I think about NFT gaming as we’re operating in that field, NFT for gaming projects can only be big if that game goes big in many different ways (product, marketing, expansion, etc.). Either way, putting a NFT-tag on the gaming project doesn’t help at all.

We’re the very first leading game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with NFT. Therefore, NFT is the soul of this project. If you are lucky, you can open a rare class and earn a lot from your investment. It’s different from other NFT projects where NFT is used only for collection purposes. In Faraland, owning NFT also helps you attend gaming activities later, which will help you earn more Fara Token ($FARA).

So tell us, what are the Faraland's features you or your community are most proud of?
In my point of view, there’re 2 features that I’m proud of (noted that different individuals have different views though haha):

  • The ‘play to earn’ system. People can buy heroes, equipment from in-game marketplace, then attack other players to earn rewards (FARA token). With $FARA, they can stake to increase their hero’s exp, upgrade equipment, try their luck in gacha-like equipment vending machines to earn the good equipment from the machines and make a fortune with it. For normal users, they can choose to play the ads on the mobile platform to earn $FARA as well. I like this because people can actually make a stable income out of the game.

  • The ability to sync reasonably between on-chain and off-chain, this is like a bridge connecting the non-crypto and crypto world

Segment 2: Twitter Question

1. Although the blockchain gaming space is arguably in its infancy, there are many blockchain gaming projects out there trying to enable mass adoption to the traditional gamer like CryptoKitties, Splinterlands. How is your marketing, game and blockchain mechanics different?
We know that there are a lot of teams and competitors out there developing their gaming projects. However there are a few factors that make us stay confident in Faraland:

  • All crypto and non-crypto can participate in Faraland. For blockchain users, players can use $FARA to trade in exchange, trade NFT heroes or equipment in the marketplace. NFT Heroes will have more base stats than non NFT heroes and have some unique functions like floor price. For non-crypto players, they can enjoy the game with normal Hero (non NFT). With them, Faraland is just like other mobile games. They also can claim Fara token they earn from game activities to $FARA (crypto) and trade in exchange for money.

  • Not many blockchain games have their own version on mobile because of Apple restriction. The main reason for this is that Apple does not accept money payment on apps. We have our own payment gateway and syncing between offchain and onchain to deploy our games in both IOS and Android apps, so users can experience the games On-chain in mobiles.

  • We’re focusing on “Play to earn” mechanism which I’ve mentioned earlier.

  • We have amazing art with the top artists

  • We also create an amazing storyline for each race and the big story for the war battles among 7 races. So players can experience the Faraland world with lots of activities.

Regarding Marketing, that’s one of our main aim. Crypto projects, gaming or not, at the moment often focus too much on crypto users, that’s why their userbase rarely has robust growth.

We’re actually a game (a product that can be used by any users), with exclusive features backed by blockchain technology, which is making sense for any non-crypto user to participate in the game.

We will do mass-user acquisition in our later phases. At that time, our Marketing Department will be divided into 2 smaller divisions: for crypto market, and for non-crypto market. The whole details can’t be explained in a single answer, but you know, we always have plan for it. That’s why I am working for the team, not only as a Marketing person in the crypto world, but also as a Marketing person in traditional & other modern markets as well.

2. When do we play this game on smartphone? Will there be more heroes, if the community develops?
About the smartphone question, according to our roadmap, the mobile app version will come out at around December 2021 or early 2022.
There will be more heroes in upcoming extensions, they won’t be limited to our current 20,000 heroes sale. There are a lot of races that we’re planning to make such as Siren, Werewolf or Vampire,etc., no more existing races in that pack. But the new sale will only open after the game is released for a while.

3. How would you best explain FARALAND to someone that knows nothing about NFTs or crypto?
Faraland is a RPG Game is the biggest war game backed by blockchain technology, which means:

  • The game can’t be hacked, everything is fair

  • You can earn from the game, and by “earn”, I mean “earn a lot”. You can actually make a living out of playing the game.

  • Every elements in the game is transparant, even us publisher can’t interfere with the randomness system.

The concept of the game follows that of other RPG games such as Final Fanta, Warcraft World, Horizon Zero Dawn, Pokemon plus unique blockchain & crypto features stated above. You don’t need to know anything about blockchain, NFT or crypto, just play it and we’ll design the game in the most casual way (blockchain technology layer is handled in the background).

4. Does the game have normal hero for free user, and if it have , what about the value of nft hero when compare with normal hero?
NFT heroes is kind of stronger. For free user in mobile, they can get heroes of lower ranks such as C or D, and the maximum hero rank for free player is rank A. NFT Heroes is in rank S, little bit stronger, have unique looks and skills. In conclusion, when compare to normal heroes, NFT heroes are always better.

Just a reminder: Our NFT hero sale is still going on on our website and looks like it’s gonna end soon :sunglasses: You’ll have to make a decision fast haha.

5. One of the standout features in a project is the key use cases that the native token has, So what are the use cases of your? How can you balance platform development and adding value to your product?
The token can be used throughout our ecosystem in many ways:

  • Purchase equipment for their Hero.
  • Upgrade their equipment to a higher tier.
  • Stake token for EXP farming for their Hero.
  • Give an unique name for the Hero.
  • Reward for seasonal events and other gaming activities.
  • Vote for various gaming parameters in DAO.

These features will not only enhance your gameplay experience, but also will benefit you in other terms. For example, after making your hero/equipments stronger with FARA token, you can then sell those on our in-game NFT Marketplace.

Because both NFTs and tokens play as irreplacable roles in Faraland, the growth of Faraland will bring toward the growth of everything exists within the ecosystem, including NFTs and $FARA.

Segment 3: Live questions in PolkaFoundry chat

1. The roadmap says that this month will be introduced the Fara token and the IDO event, so can you give us more details about where and when this event will happen?
The IDO will be held on June 12th via BSCLaunch and RedKite (PolkaFoundry).

Bronze tier requires the least, 500 BSL, while Platinum requires 5,000 BSL.

One special thing about RedKite is that Redkite has the Hero Tier, which is for people who own at least 02 Faraland NFT Heroes. This way you don’t need to stake your PKF. Please also see the details on the link above :slightly_smiling_face:

2. What are heroes in your games and how are they able to learn experience which makes them veteran and powerful? In what way will NFT be used to power Heroes function? What creative functions can these NFTs offer and how tradable are they in marketplaces?
Each hero in the game will belong to one of these classes (next to the class is the summon rate): Human (50%), Orc (24.6%), Elf (20%), Dragonborn (1%), Fairy (4%) Angel (0.2%), Demon (0.2%). There are lot class of NFT and human are 50% of NFT. But human not weak. we build human as the best class to cast effect skill, so when gameplay release, you may want a human on your team btw. As the random system, all the part like hair eyes, nose, mouth have rare ration also. The part have its own attribute so you can get a human with rare part and stronger than other. Like a human with Goku hair (from dragonball) will be much stronger than heroes of other classes.

Please remember that NFT Heroes will be stronger than normal heroes which will appear later during the game. Also, to make heroes stronger, you can either ‘stake’ EXP for them, equip them with equipment, pet or make them learn skill book. You can also fight other players to increase your NFT Hero value.

You can trade for them in our in-game NFT marketplace. There’s also a floor price, but I guess no one will wanna sell at the floor price :wink:

3. Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some advice why they should buy and hold this token in the long term?
In-term of being profitable, I think all investors care about the profit. However, “When should we book that profit?” is a more important question I think.
Many projects started hyped at first but they died out because they’re not ‘legit’ ones, that’s good for short-term investors but that hurts long-term holders. While the others do exactly the opposite.

In term of being safe, we can assure you that we’re a legit project with all the info of our team published. We’ve been verified by prestigious investors in the crypto space, as you can see in the photo.

In term of being profitable, we can’t disclose how we’ll make you profitable. But, as a reminder, FARA token has more use cases than many many NFT projects out there (which I’ve already mentioned before). While others’ token price & market cap are so high compared to FARA, what’re the chances for FARA holders to not get the profit in the long-run? I think you’ve got your answer for yourself about this question by now :wink:

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