Strategic investment cooperation: Icetea Platform receives a long-term investment from Rikkeisoft

Icetea Platform officially signed a strategic investment cooperation agreement with Rikkeisoft - one of the leading information technology companies in Vietnam. Mr. Dao Thanh Chung, Founder & CEO of Oraichain, adviser of Icetea Platform was attending the ceremony.

Rikkeisoft, with its extensive network, large resources and profound experience in Japan, will accompany Icetea Platform in penetrating and promoting business as well as developing an ecosystem of applications built on top of Icetea Platform. In addition, Icetea will get supported from Rikkeisoft to promote marketing activities, develop community, and receive necessary technology infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Icetea Platform will act as a strategic consultant and supporter for Rikkeisoft products developed on our platform.

Blockchain is one of the emerging areas that receive a lot of attention in Japan. According to data from Monex Group, the number of crypto and blockchain related companies in this market as of May 2020 has increased by more than 30% compared to the same period in 2019.

Japan is a familiar market for both Icetea and Rikkeisoft. With more than 1200 employees working in three branches in Vietnam and two branches in Japan, Rikkeisoft is a reliable partner of many big brands in Japan such as Panasonic, Fujikin Carp, NEC, NTT Data, Mitsui E & S … and is Japan’s 100 Best Venture Companies was ranked first earlier this year alongside names like Mercari, CS-C and Kana Navi. Besides, the founding team and members of Icetea Platform are all people with long-term experience working with customers from the country of cherry blossoms. The GOLFICO platform for the international golfer community, one of the first decentralized (dapp) applications developed on the Icetea Platform, is also the result of collaboration with Japanese partners.

The first application built on Icetea Platform that Rikkeisoft supports to deploy it in Japan is TeaWork. TeaWork is a powerful support tool for HR administration and internal communication when focusing on core functions and streamlining management processes to match speed the rapid growth of startups as well as small and medium-sized companies. By integrating blockchain technology, TeaWork secures and encrypts the company’s personnel information to be recorded and the employee’s reward points system is recognized and exchanged not only within the company but also in Icetea ecosystem.

Mr. Truong Hong Thi - Founder & CEO of Icetea commented. “This investment allows Icetea to expand its staff, recruit experienced programmers to build Icetea Platform in particular and the Icetea ecosystem in general."

Sharing about the reason for strategic investment cooperation in Icetea, Mr. Phan The Dung - General Director of Rikkeisoft Joint Stock Company said: “Rikkeisoft understands Icetea’s vision to bring blockchain technology to global users rather than just encapsulated in the crypto community ”.

About Icetea Platform:

Founded by Mr. Truong Hong Thi, former member of Kyber Network, and his colleagues in November 2018. Iceteachain is a public blockchain platform built to bridge the gap between decentralized apps (Dapps) and regular apps. Icetea develops Dapps with an excellent user experience that is no different from centralized apps. Therefore, Dapps built on Icetea Platform will easily reach mainstream users and bring the benefits of blockchain to everyone.

About Rikkeisoft:

Rikkeisoft (Rikkeisoft Joint Stock), established in 2012, is a leading information technology company in Vietnam with the main business of providing information technology services and solutions. They are a reliable partner of many large enterprises in Japan. Rikkeisoft is aiming to become one of the largest software companies in Southeast Asia by 2025 with 10,000 employees.