Take your chance to win 1600 $PKF by joining #KUSAMEME with PolkaFoundry team

Hail the MEMEs Lords! PolkaFoundry in your area now! #KusaMEME

A special reward of 1600 $PKF available for users to create the best #PKF memes!


  • Join #KusaMEME campaign Gleam 21
  • Follow Twitter
  • Join Telegram
  • Retweet the tweet of PolkaFoundry https://twitter.com/PolkaFoundry/status/1408719944624136195
  • Post your best PolkaFoundry memes with 2 tags:
    #yourwildestmemes #PolkaFunny and tag @PolkaFoundry
  • The memes must include KUSAMA and PolkaFoundry logos. Bonus points if you incorporate any of our products including PolkaSmith, RedKite, $PKF
  • Please be sure: no attacks, discrimination or illegal content
  • Be creative, crazy and funny


All submissions are due at 00:00 PST on June 29, 2021.


800 $PKF for the only meme lord

800 $PKF for 8 meme knights

We will select the memes from which have the highest ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. We want the quality ones only!

The final decision is always on us!