The Ultimate Guide for PolkaSmith Crowdloan

Breaking down every step to join and contribute your KSM to PolkaSmith’s crowdloan.

PolkaSmith is the canary network of PolkaFoundry on Kusama, and PKS is PolkaSmith’s native token. Participants who support us to win the Kusama auction will share a reward pool of 10,500,000 PKS and many extra rewards.

Click HERE to find out more auction reward details.

You can contribute to PolkaSmith crowdloan either directly from a supported exchange or by installing one of the Kusama-compatible wallets.

  • Kusama-compatible Wallets: We recommend Fearless Wallet for mobile users and Polkadot.js Browser Extension Wallet for desktop users.

:pushpin: Note: Fearless Wallet integrates crowdloan support, so it is very convenient. However, it would be best to use the Polkadot.js Browser Extension to claim the Red Kite’s ePKF rewards.

  • Exchanges: OKEx, Houbi, and other exchanges that support our crowdloan will be announced shortly.

1. Kusama-compatible Wallets

1.1. Fearless Wallet

Fearless is a mobile wallet designed by SORAMITSU for Kusama and Polkadot.

:one: Step 1: Download Fearless wallet application HERE

:two: Step 2: Create an account

:pushpin: Note: Store the mnemonic seed phrases of your account safely.

:three: Step 3: Transfer KSM to your Fearless wallet

To copy your address on Fearless:

  • Go to [Receive]
  • Click on the account and [Copy the address]

:pushpin: Note: If you transfer from a centralized exchange (CEX), visit [Withdraw] on CEX.

:four: Step 4: Join PolkaSmith crowdloan

  • Ensure you are on the Kusama network (the home screen should display KSM balance instead of DOT balance). If not, please switch to the Kusama network by going to [Setting] > [Network] > [Kusama, OnFinality node].
  • On the homepage of Fearless, click [Crowdloan];
  • On the crowdloan page, select [PolkaSmith];
  • Type the [Amount] of KSM you contribute and press [Confirm];
  • You will see your transaction result on the home page.

1.2. Polkadot.js Extension Wallet

:one: Step 1: Install the Polkadot.js Browser Extension.

:two: Step 2: Create a Kusama address on Polkadot.js

  • Click the orange little “P” button in your browser bar;
  • Click on “Gear Icon” in the upper right corner;
  • Choose [Kusama Relay Chain] under “Display Address Format For”;
  • Click on the “Plus Icon” and on [Create new account].

:three: Step 3: Transfer KSM to your Kusama address on Polkadot.js

To copy the Kusama address, you need to click the [Copy] icon next to your account.

:four: Step 4: Join PolkaSmith crowdloan

Option 1: Join PolkaSmith crowdloan on

  • Visit Parachains Crowdloan on PolkaSmith parachain campaign (PolkaSmith index is 2009);
  • Press the button [Contribute] in the PolkaSmith section. Choose the address and type the amount of KSM to contribute. Then hit the button [Contribute] — [Sign and Submit];
  • A popup will appear. Enter your [Password] and hit [Sign the transaction]. Now on the site, the status will update in a few seconds.

Option 2: Join PolkaSmith crowdloan on Red Kite (upcoming)

Contribute for PolkaSmith parachain auction on Red Kite will be announced in the coming days.

2. Exchanges (upcoming)

2.1. OKEx

PolkaSmith’s crowdloan on OKEx will open at 12:00 PM UTC, Tuesday, June 15, 2021, when the 1st Kusama auction commences.

Visit the Kusama crowdloan page on OKEx HERE for more information.

2.2. Other Exchanges

We are working with some top-tier exchanges about PolkaSmith crowdloan support. Stay tuned to our upcoming announcements.

:gift: How to claim your ePKF rewards

  • Visit Parachains Crowdloan on PolkaSmith parachain campaign (PolkaSmith index is 2009);
  • Visit Extrinsics Submission, Click [Submit the following extrinsic] and choose crowdloan;
  • Type “2009”, PolkaSmith campaign index, on [index: Paraid];
  • On [memo:Bytes], paste the Erc-20 wallet address you registered on Red Kite;
  • Click [Submit Transaction] — [Sign and Submit];
  • On the popup, enter your password and click [Sign the transaction].


Implemented on Kusama Network, PolkaSmith is a canary chain of PolkaFoundry, a one-stop production hub creating borderless and frictionless DeFi & NFT applications. PolkaSmith will be a reliable platform for early-stage startups to unleash their creativity, experiment with bold new ideas, and hack the growth.

Visit PolkaSmith’s website at for more information.


PolkaFoundry is a platform for building borderless and frictionless DeFi & NFT dapps on Polkadot. It aims to be the one-stop production hub for DeFi & NFT dapps with all the necessary features, services, integrations, and tools for DeFi experiments, innovations, and real-world solutions. Taking advantage of Polkadot’s interoperability and scalability and integrating many DeFi-friendly services into the platform, PolkaFoundry also provides UX-enabling features that make dapps as easy to use as everyday applications and bring dapps to the masses.

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