Weekly Community Update 05 April 2021 - 11 April 2021

Let’s take a look at the PolkaFoundry updates from April 05, 2021, to April 11, 2021.

1. PolkaFoundry Core

  • Started coding the crowdloan reward.

  • Researched zkSync application to make layer 2 for PolkaFoundry parachain.

  • Updated the chatbot to transfer PKF tokens on the Rococo testnet.

  • Created docker-compose for Chainlink. The Compose file provides a way to document and configure all of the application’s service dependencies. Using the Compose command-line tool you can create and start one or more containers for each dependency with a single command (docker-compose up).

  • Researched Kubernetes (K8s) to manage images docker. Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

  • Get token price data from smart contract Chainlink.

2. PolkaFoundry Ecosystem

Red Kite

  • Completed user interface (UI) design,

  • Completing a smart contract and contacting an audit firm to prepare an audit.


Since the release of the app on January 1, 2021, up to now, TeaWork has been registered for use by nearly 30 companies with more than 1000 users.

The product development team is continuing to update the latest features to meet user needs, including:

  • TeaWork application: Updated new UI of the “Check-in” feature.

  • TeaWork admin page (CMS): Test and evaluate the multi-language feature. The website currently supports 2 languages: Vietnamese and English.

TeamWork Help Center: Users can access the website here.

3. Cooperation

  • Tidal provides DeFi insurance coverage to PolkaFoundry ecosystem and dApps. See details here.

  • Apron’s decentralized services node network for web 3.0 to integrate with PolkaFoundry. See details here.

4. Event

  • PolkaFoundry has won a bid to become a parachain on Rococo testnet. See details here.

  • PolkaFoundry AMA with the VirtualBacon DAO community at Discord on April 2, 2021.

  • PolkaFoundry Meme Contest from April 5, 2021, to April 10, 2021. See details here.

  • The program to call for the community to contribute ROC, to support the PolkaFoundry experiment on the testnet on Rococo Parachain was launched on April 6, 2021. As of April 9, 2021, PolkaFoundry had received ROC 65,000 from community contributions. In order for the Rococo API to be updated, the program was suspended for 2 days April 10-11, 2021, and started again from April 12, 2021. Program details here.

  • Introducing PEX exchange demo - A port of Uniswap on PolkaFoundry testnet. See details here.

  • $PKF is now available on MANTRA DAO staking. See details here.

5. Newspaper

On April 10, 2021, Haroon Baig on Hackernoon rated PolkaFoundry in the top 5 projects worth trying out. Details see here.

Upcoming plan

PolkaFoundry Ecosystem

Focus on developing TeaWork application and related websites, including:

TeaWork application

  • Complete “Game” feature.

  • Update app version v1.0.1 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

TeaWork admin page (CMS): Complete “Holiday setting” and “Work schedule setting” feature.

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