Weekly Progress Report #04

Let’s take a look at the Icetea Ecosystem updates from January 11, 2021, to January 17, 2021.

1. TeaWork application

Setup the Dev version and the QA version of the app to install with the Production version on the same phone. Makes it easier to test features in environments.

Agree on the API of the two sections “Holidays” and “Timesheets”.

Fix bugs in the application, including:

  • Application notifications are not displayed when first login/ register application on iPhone,
  • Do not display the icon in the message “Leave approved”,
  • Error displaying the language (English) in the “TimeSheets” section.

2. Icetea Platform

2.1 Icetea Core

Build a BizNet implementation plan (number of validators, benefits for the parties involved)

Plan evaluation and overall testing before deploying the BizNet network.

2.2 Icetea ID

Transfer OTP sending services (including email and SMS) to AWS Lambda to increase security, ensure OTP is sent to users safely and accurately.

Transfer Icetea ID data in the system to the Production environment to deploy TeaWork for Ekoios and other companies.

2.3 DocuGuard

DocuGuard is a decentralized storage service built upon IPFS protocol, used to store image files for customers using products of Icetea.

This week we have implemented automatic testing of image size for dapps to use and create Docker for easy deployment on environments (Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, …).

Upcoming plan

1. Internal events

Icetea Team prepares to move to the new office.

2. TeaWork application

Continue to fix existing bugs in TeaWork: When scanning the QR of the shop, it is not possible to close the popup after clicking the back button on the screen.

Add the form “Arrive late/ Leave early” in the “Time Offs” feature.

Support login with Google.

Update features to track hours, days off, and holidays in the “Timesheet” section of the TeaWork admin page.

3. Icetea Platform

3.1 Icetea Core

Evaluate and re-check the gas calculation and rewards to the validator to ensure stable operation.

Discuss with partners about becoming a validator for Biznet.

3.2 Icetea ID

We supervise the Ekoios partner to operate TeaWork in the Production environment.

Change the service of sending OTP by SMS from Twilio to AWS SNS.

3.3 DocuGuard

Perform testing with a real IPFS server.

We use an IPFS Cluster for testing to increase product availability.

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