Weekly Progress Report #05

Let’s take a look at the Icetea Ecosystem updates from January 18, 2021, to January 24, 2021.

1. TeaWork application

Completed “Sign in with Google” feature for users.

Completed the “Holidays” feature of TeaWork’s admin page. This feature allows users to track and set up the company’s holidays.

Completed the UI design (user interface) of the employee leave tracking feature and “Arrive late/ Leave early” information in the “Timesheets” section of the TeaWork admin page.

Focus on improving the feature “Time offs”, including:

  • Displays more information about the status and approver on the screen of the notification recipient; instead of just showing up to the person who approved the request for leave as before,

  • Show more notification on the approver screen when the user cancels the application; at the same time not allowing the approver to proceed with the approval of these applications,

  • Restrict the number of characters in the field “Back up plan” so that the content does not overflow if it is too long,

  • Shorten the allowed length of the field “Back up plan”; make sure the approver will receive the notice in all cases,

  • Automatically update the number of requests for approval in the approver screen when the user cancels the request for leave,

  • Remove the name of the approver from the list of notification recipients; avoid getting 2 notifications by the approver if the user chooses the approver name in the notification recipient list.

And some other updates, including:

  • Sync font of bold and lowercase characters in the application,

  • Improve the condition of the field “Reason” when “Report timesheets”. The user will not be able to send the message “Report timesheets” if only space character (space) is entered.

2. Icetea Platform

2.1 Icetea Core

Re-check the gas calculation and rewards to the validator to ensure stable operation.

Discuss with expert advisors on tokenomics for validators.

2.2 Icetea ID

For the OTP email service, we have migrated and used it stably with AWS SNS.

2.3 DocuGuard

Test deployment with IPFS Cluster to ensure that the product meets the needs of the user.

3. Internal events

The members of Icetea held a party on January 22, 2021.

Upcoming plan

1. Community events

Mr. Truong Hong Thi, Founder & CEO of Icetea Platform will join the event organized by Blockchain Hanoi with the topic “Designing Crypto Experiences” on Thursday, January 28, 2021. See the event HERE.

Meeting and discussing cooperation with FPT Software and a leading securities company in Vietnam.

2. TeaWork application

Checking and improving the functions related to the “Arrive late/ Leave early” in the “Time offs” feature.

3. Icetea Platform

3.1 Icetea Core

Optimization and performance evaluation when using a Sparse tree data structure with RocksDB compared to using a Patricia tree data structure with LevelDB. Consider applying this data structure to Biznet?

3.2 Icetea ID

Perform feature upgrades based on the feedback of apps using Icetea ID.

3.3 DocuGuard

Deploy the new version to the Staging environment for testing.

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