Weekly Progress Report #06

Let’s take a look at the Icetea Ecosystem updates from January 25, 2021, to January 31, 2021.

1. Icetea Platform

1.1 Icetea Core

Research on replacing Tendermint engine with Polkadot (DOT) substrate- is a multi-Chain, heterogeneous and scalable technology; this can help connect individual blockchain chains to each other, allowing these components to exchange data across chains to maximize the resources of the entire ecosystem.

1.2 DocuGuard

Deploy the new version to the Staging environment for testing.

2. TeaWork application

Completed wireframe of check-in and OT registration (overtime) in the “Timesheets” section of the TeaWork admin page.

Finished the UI design of the “Notifications” feature. This feature allows users to track notifications in the application and set what types of notifications they want to receive.

Update and add some parts, including:

  • Update the amount of GOLD that can be transferred. Allows users to transfer less than 5 GOLD at a time instead of having to transfer 5 or more GOLD as before,

  • Added a scroll bar when selecting the approver list in the “Timesheet” section of the “Timesheet” feature,

  • Update on "Arrive late/ Leave early” applications that can be sent on the same day. Allows a user to send both types of requests instead of only being able to send one type of request as before,

  • Automatically save the list of people selected to receive notifications in the “Timeoff” feature when the user selects the “Back” icon,

  • Change the UI of the buttons in the “Transfer GOLD” and “Shop does not exist” message of the “Shop” feature.

3. Community events

In the issue of "Nhịp cầu đầu tư” on Monday, January 18, 2021. Mr. Truong Hong Thi, Founder & CEO of Icetea Platform presented the contents with the topic “Iceatea - Putting Blockchain into practice”. Read more details here.

In the event organized by Blockchain Hanoi with the topic "Designing Crypto Experiences " on January 28, 2021, Mr. Thi presented the contents about the difficulties of users when using dapps and how the Icetea Platform overcome those problems.

Upcoming plan

1. TeaWork application

Additional feature “Register overtime” on the application.

Complete UI design of some features of the TeaWork admin page, including:

  • Features to track “Register overtime” of employees in “Timesheets”,

  • Feature to set invite link (invite link). This feature allows users to access the application through the link without having to activate an account; the form of link inviting support is link form and QR code.

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