Weekly Progress Report #08

Let’s take a look at the PolkaFoundry updates from February 22, 2021, to February 28, 2021.

1. PolkaFoundry

1.1 PolkaFoundry Core

Build new chains using the Substrate framework to be compatible with Ethereum. Allows running Ethereum dapps without having to change code.

Research on ParaState technology. Read more about three Blockchain projects that bring full interoperability to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) here: bit.ly/3dKuK5G.

2. TeaWork application

Completing UI design of some new features in the application and TeaWork admin page, including:

  • TeaWork application: Register as remote and Home

  • TeaWork admin page: Employee leave settings; General statistics and Employee leave list; General statistics and Employee OT hours list.

Additional and updated some parts, including:

  • Update manual notices when the user registers by invite link,

  • Automatically update the number of pending applications when creating new requests in the “Documents” section of the “Profile” tab,

  • Add a monthly filter when viewing the request list in the “Approved Documents” section of the “Profile” tab,

  • Update error message in case the start time is greater than the end time on the overtime registration form,

  • Increase the validity period of the OTP that is sent to email when the user login to the application.

3. Newspaper

According to a post on Entrepreneur on February 25, 2021, by Mervik Haums, Founder @ Startup Fortune, PolkaFoundry is one of the 10 most disruptive blockchain projects currently launching and scaling up with the prospect of becoming the “powerful” platform of the new generation of digital assets. See details at bit.ly/301c35y.

4. Cooperation

Last week, PolkaFoundry signed a cooperation agreement with Momentum 6 (M6), the leading digital marketing agency in the blockchain. M6 will become a strategic marketing agency to help plan and implement branding strategies as well as become the official incubator of PolkaFoundry. Besides, M6 also supports PolkaFoundry in calling for investment. See more at bit.ly/301c35y.

5. Human resources

Icetea team welcomed 6 interns from Rikkeisoft, the strategic investor of Icetea with the aim of learning and supporting product development. Read more about Rikkeisoft and Icetea’s strategic partnership at bit.ly/3aXC5wI.

Upcoming plan

1. PolkaFoundry

1.1 PolkaFoundry Core

Build a new chain according to Parachain’s standards.

Parachain is an application-specific data structure that is globally coherent and validatable by the validators of the Polkadot relay chain.

2. TeaWork application

Update some new features of the application, including:

  • Complete the “Register as remote” feature and update the UI in the “Home” tab of the application.

  • Update the UI design of the “Timesheet” feature and “Lucky Game”.

  • Update feature “Free trial”. The data in this feature simulates the data of a company in reality. It allows users to experience the full features of TeaWork without activating the account.

Support using PolkaID to login to the TeaWork admin page.

3. Community events

Mr. Truong Hong Thi will take part in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) event, a Q&A event that will be held on March 2, 2021, with The AMA Room community. Join at Telegram: Contact @amaroomnews for a chance to receive prizes up to $ 1,000 in total.

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