Weekly Progress Report #11

Let’s take a look at the PolkaFoundry updates from March 15, 2021, to March 21, 2021.

1. PolkaFoundry Core

Used the Docker container to deploy testnet on AWS.

Deployed chatbot Telegram for transferring tokens.

Developed a website for token transactions.

2. TeaWork application

Updated some parts on the application, including:

  • Added the “Staff” feature. This feature allows managers to track attendance information of members of the day,

  • Proceed to limit the number of characters in the name of the Workspace,

  • Changed the UI of the “Approve proposals” feature,

  • Completed the approval process UI in the “Approve proposals” feature.

Completed the “Time-off policy” section in the “Holiday setting” feature of the TeaWork admin page.

3. Cooperation

PolkaFoundry and Paralink Network forge a new strategic partnership, to integrate their high-quality real-world data feeds into the PolkaFoundry platform. See details here.

PolkaFoundry and Orion protocol collaborate to bring limitless liquidity to DeFi dApps. See details here.

  1. Newspaper

Author Daniel Phillips - Tech Deep Dives on Coinmarketcap (CMC) had an introduction to PolkaFoundry at coinmarketcap.com on March 16, 2021. Details see here.

PolkaFoundry was mentioned by Ivan on Tech in video analysis of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on March 17, 2021. Details see from 11 minutes.

Crypto Banter rated PolkaFoundry among the top blockchains worth watching today. Details see from 14 minutes.

According to the post on newsbtc.com March 20, 2021, by author Mark Hampton, PolkaFoundry is considered a panacea for dApp developers. Details see here.

5. IDO

PolkaFoundry conducted an IDO on ZENDIT Launchpad powered by MANTRA DAO and DuckSTARTER on March 16, 2021. Average price x20 compared to IDO price, the highest price up to x30. See details here.

6. AMA Event

AMA events that Mr. Thi Truong has joined this week:

Upcoming plan

1. PolkaFoundry Core

Complete the requirements to register to join the Rococo network.

2. TeaWork application

Focus on completing some parts on the TeaWork admin page, including:

  • Additional multi-language feature with languages Vietnamese - English,

  • Completing the UI for “Work schedule setting” and “Holiday setting” in the “Human resources” section.

3. AMA events

Mr. Thi Truong will continue to participate in the AMA event with Top7ICO at 5 p.m UTC, on March 22, 2021.

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